Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday fun

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

The last couple of days have been relaxing..
and makes us both say..'aren't we glad to be retired?'

The RV job is easy...boring at times.
There are the typical fluctuations of 'guests'
coming in and out of the park. Fridays and Mondays
being the busiest, as the weekend warriors come to visit.

We've had a few clubs come, some of them with 10 RVs
in the group..and they use the clubhouse to have a potluck, etc.
We also get a lot of golfers who like to stay here,
and we shuttle them over to the local Coyote Creek golf course,
in the golf cart 'limo'. 

There was a big group a few days ago, so we had to use
two carts to get them and their clubs to the golf course.
George drove the limo, and I drove the smaller cart.
When we picked them up, we both got tips :-)

Today was extra special..
my 56th birthday.
Not that I celebrate them anymore..but..  ;-)

George took both our shifts today so I could have a day to relax.
I spent the day working for the other 'job' on the computer :-(

The highlight was going out to dinner with Mom & Dad.
They took us both to Gino's for some fine Italian food.

They had a wonderful artichoke bisque to start with..

and I had the lasagna, which I could only eat about a third of..
it was huge!

Of course we had to have dessert..
and my Dad and I both had a cannoli,
and mine came with a candle :-)

Was a great day..and so glad to spend it with family!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! : ) Glad you had a great day!!!

  2. How nice that George took her shift today, plus dinner with family. Doesn't get much better than that! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday! I love birthdays! Sounds like you had a great one....

  4. Happy Birthday!! So nice to get the day off and then spend it with family:o))

  5. I think that sounds like the perfect birthday! Wishing you many, many more :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great time.

  7. How nice of George to take over your shift for you! Nice dinner celebration. Happy Birthday!

  8. What a sweet birthday present from George. Although did I understand you to say you spent the day working at the "other job"?? Now that's no good on your birthday. I thought you were retired. When does that really happen?? Oh well..........looks like a great dinner. Happy 56th!! You're just a kid! HA!!

  9. Happy Birthday. It always great to celebrate with family.

  10. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.

  11. Happy Birthday from Sherri Kris and I.

  12. Happy birthday a little late! We move on tomorrow, sorry we didn't manage to meet up here in CA but hopefully our paths will cross again on this great adventure of FT RVing.

  13. Happy Birthday! Yum, an Italian birthday dinner.

    Love the golf cart limo, it looks like a good place to work if you get to drive a limo AND receive tips.

  14. Happy Birthday, you don't look a day older. George was a good man to take your shift.