Friday, January 25, 2013


Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Yesterday was another nice day off.

One of the perks of workamping in this area..
or being in this area, period, is..
all the wonderful produce that is grown around here.

In Salinas - the Salad Bowl of the World -
you can get pretty much any type of lettuce..
In Watsonville - it is strawberries -
and in Castroville - Artichokes!

We took a drive from Morgan Hill over Route 152 (Hecker Pass)
which winds up and over and down the Santa Cruz mountains
and through Watsonville to Highway 1.
The views from the top are beautiful..

The goal was Castroville, to snatch up some yummy artichokes.

There are several produce stands along the way,
one in Moss Landing, where we stopped and bought some things.
The place I like the best, however, is the
Giant Artichoke.
You can purchase produce, and any size artichoke you could ever eat.

They also sell their famous french fried artichokes
which you can eat in their little restaurant,
or buy frozen in bags.
We picked up a small bag, as well as lemon biscotti
made at the local Portuguese bakery.

We then decided to surprise my parents,
and drop by with our goodies.
We shared the artichoke hearts and biscotti,
and then stayed for a nice meatloaf dinner :-)

Today was a lazy day..our last day off this week.
I worked on taxes, accounting work for 'the other job',
and did laundry.

Tomorrow is a full work day...looks like it will sunny!


  1. I would love to be around all that fresh produce and that lemon biscotti sounds wonderful!

  2. We remember hwy 152 very well, it is a fun motorcycle ride getting over the pass.I don't think we have ever tried an artichoke. Not sure how to clean or cook or eat raw.

  3. I was a le to get some fresh produce here at the resort. They come every Friday. The prices are slightly higher than at the flea market, but I didn't have to go any where in the truck. Saved fuel and time too.

  4. Okay, do tell. How'd you get that giant artichoke in the truck?

  5. So many fresh veggies really would be heaven. Lucky you guys.

  6. Sounds like a lovely day. That giant artichoke resembles something from a horror flick though!

  7. Tracy and I love artichokes, but they get expensive here in Arizona. Glad you enjoyed them.

  8. A great day trip. I am going to pass on the artichokes though, even though i have never eaten any.

  9. Never had an artichoke before. That sounds like the place to try one out.

  10. Yep, this part of California really spoils you with fresh produce. :) I think it is one of the things we will miss the most as we move on.

  11. Love fresh fruit and veggie stands! Enjoy

  12. The artichokes you can keep. Now, lemon biscoti - that's another story!