Sunday, December 16, 2012


Glenn RV Park
Bakersfield, CA

We've been enjoying our stay at my Aunt & Uncle's property.
They've actually loved having us here too, 
as we've been helping do a few things around the ranch.

They have two horses out here,

and Henry..

They both love candy canes..

..but we've been feeding them their regular stuff too..

We have been able to reconnect with my cousins..


Her husband, Carlos

Kelly, and her husband Gary

We've had some good meals at my Aunt & Uncle's house..

..and today we went to the Crystal Palace,
Buck Owen's restaurant/museum.

We've had a great time!

Tomorrow it is time to move along..
and start our first workcamp job!

They called and asked if we could come in early..
and so we will.
We'll be there until the end of April.

Wow, imagine us, staying in one place that long! :-)


  1. Glad you had a nice time with your family. I'm sorry you have to go before the holidays to work camp but am anxious to hear about the place and how you like it.

  2. That resort looks awesome! Hope you enjoy it :) Will be anxious to hear your opinions. Travel safe!

  3. As we get older family connectios take on a new importance. Glad you had such a nice visit.

  4. how fun to reconnect and have horses to hang with too. I'll be looking forward to reading about your workcamping adventures too.

  5. Beautiful family and also beautiful horses. Good luck in your workkamping job. You'll meet so many nice people while doing it.

  6. Wow! Already getting set up and ready to work. But surely WKing will be a breeze for both of you.

  7. We've stayed at Coyote Valley a couple of times. Nice park and nice people. Morgan Hill has some lovely shops and good eats. Not far from San Jose and a short drive to the Central Coast. Sound like fun! Safe travels!

  8. The horses are beautiful.

    Good luck at your workcamping job. Will be interested in hearing about it.