Saturday, December 1, 2012

Travel day to San Antonio

Travelers World RV Resort
San Antonio, TX

We finally got out of Camping World.
Our refrigerator is working just fine now.

We drove 3 hours west to San Antonio,
and we are staying in site #89 at

It is a great park with nice space in between rigs,
gravel pull through sites,
and a heated pool and hot tub.

We pulled in around 2 pm, but before that we were in 
touch with Susan of
She is workamping in San Marcos,
and it is not too far away from here.
We agreed to meet up in New Braunfels.
I had heard about 'the oldest bakery in Texas'
called Naegelin's

It was a perfect place to meet up,
as it was about half way between us.

We had already met Susan..
at our wedding!

Of course we had to take a look at
all the goodies and baked goods..

We left with a few things :-)

The three of us drove up the road a bit
to a restaurant called

The food was excellent, and we had
great conversation about workamping,
RV resorts, and life!

Was a great day meeting up again.
When we got back home,
we enjoyed the hot tub and heated pool.
(Eat your heart out Paul Dahl) :-)

Tomorrow we plan on spending the day
on the River Walk!


  1. So glad your fridge problems are over! Bet you got some good things at that bakery :)
    Loved the SA area and the River Walk. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like a great day and enjoy the River Walk!

  3. That's just cruel...and here I thought we were bestest buds! ;c)

  4. Does it seem really weird to be wearing shorts in December? :)

  5. Oh my! It's impossible to walk out of a bakery without buying something. They smell sooooooo good!!

  6. Glad the fridge is working. Enjy the hot tub.

  7. I know you are happy to be RV trouble free.