Sunday, December 2, 2012

The River Walk

Travelers RV Resort
San Antonio, TX

One of our main reasons for coming to San Antonio,
was to spend the day at the River Walk.

We were advised to take the city bus,
which picked us up right in front of the RV resort,
and take it into the city.

It was a short ride, and easy to find
the areas we wanted to see.

We decided to buy an all day pass
on the Rio Taxi.

It was a wonderful ride in and around
the whole River Walk.

What a beautiful place!

We really enjoyed walking up and down and around..
and even visited the Alamo.

Around every bend there was more to see!

We even got to go through a small lock..

George and I finally found a great
little place to eat, right on the river.

The food was very good!
So were the margaritas :-)

Since we had bought the all day pass for the boat..
we decided to get back on because
the whole River Walk was decorated
with Christmas lights.

It was the greatest way to start celebrating the Holiday!

Unfortunately, we are moving on tomorrow.
We will be staying in Fort Stockton overnight,
then Deming, NM,
and finally to Tucson where we will be
relaxing for a week :-)


  1. A lovely day...marking that River Walk as something we should do next time we are out west.

  2. The River Walk is one of my favorite places. I was introduced to Casa Rio when I was a kid, which was a fair number of years ago now. Took Dave there a few years ago and was glad I got to share that experience with him. One thing I really miss about "my" Texas is the Mexican food! Glad you had a nice time. :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the RW. I've never seen it decorated for Christmas. Now I have an excuse to go back again (and again, and again!).

  4. Don't you wonder how many people fall in? Just saying...

    Staying at the Escapees Park in Deming? Make sure you visit the local museum. If I remember right it is in an old armory. I forget the name but anyone will point you in it's direction. No charge but donations gladly accepted. Well worth a few hours.

  5. I love this idea of taking the Rio Taxi around and being able to see the lights at holiday time. Thanks for the tips and info. Looks like a really great time.

  6. Oh what a fun day! I'll bet it was a beautiful sight seeing all the Christmas lights from the boat.

  7. Loved all the pics. My favorite, the food. :)

  8. Great pics of the River walk decorated for Christmas...thanks!

  9. I know you enjoyed the River Walk. Nancy and I did that and also the Alamo back in 2000. Thanks for the memories it brought back.
    Be safe and enjoy.

  10. What a lovely day and evening. Thanks for taking me along. I enjoyed all the photos.

  11. Looks like you are having a great time! River Walk is on our ever-growing list of places to go!

  12. It brings back the memories from our trip there Thanksgiving 2011. The River Walk is a Great place