Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Catalina State Park
Tucson, AZ

as in his law...

3 days ago we were in San Antonio, TX
We are working our way towards California
to be there to celebrate Christmas with
my parents and older son, Adam and his girlfriend, Candee.
We also are going to begin a workcamping job for 4 months.

But I digress..

Monday we left San Antonio, and then stayed in
Fort Stockton, TX at 
Plain little park, easy to get to from Route 10
and very nice people staffing it.

Tuesday morning we headed west and stopped
in Deming, NM at
I picked it for the $10 Passport America rate
Unfortunately, it was 2.5 miles down a dirt road :-(
George wasn't too happy with me when he found that out!

 They had a cute cat named Tiger
who was the official greeter.

The camphost warned us to check all basement compartments,
and inside the rig before we took off this morning,
as Tiger tends to like to stow away and travel :-)

Oh yeah, Murphy..
On the way into Deming we kept smelling an odd smell
that we couldn't put our finger (or nose..) on. 
When we pulled in to the campground, we asked the host
what the smell outside was...
it smelled like a gas plant, or something.
She said "it's YOU" :-)
Well gee, thanks!

Turns out after a bit of sniffing around, that it 
was one of the truck's batteries.
Rotten egg smell coming from a battery

long story short..
we were at a Chevy dealer this morning,
getting a new battery.
They were terrific..
checked the alternator to make sure that it was charging,
checked the second battery to make sure it was in good shape as well.

We were on our way to Tucson by 10:30 this morning.

Driving from Texas to Arizona gives so many nice views..

Texas goes on f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

New Mexico starts to get some interesting formations..

George was happy..
I found a truck wash to get all that dirt off Harvey.

The closer we got to Arizona, the scenery got so much nicer!

We are now staying at
in Tucson, right at the foot of the beautiful Catalina mountains.

Our view out the back window..

George and I are looking forward to
the week we are staying here.
Lots of hiking, biking
and exploring to come!


  1. Sounds like you discovered the battery malfunction before it was a real problem. Hopefully that will be the last hick-up for a long while.

  2. Love the pics of Arizona! Have a great time exploring!! :)

  3. You sure had me worried when you mentioned a possible stow away and then a smell. I was braced for the worst. Not that the problem wasn't' bad but I admit to being relieved. Glad it was only a pain in the wallet to fix. Good luck to George and the dirt problem. ";-))

  4. great pictures..I sure hope you left Murphy behind once and for two have sure covered alot of miles since we saw you at safe out there and enjoy your stay..

  5. Sure hope Murphy has paid his last visit to you for a while.

    Tiger is a real cutie pie. The picture of him sitting on your step just melts my heart.

    Love the view out your back window!

  6. Love your view. The kitty is cute. I'm glad the battery problem was found before anything major happened.

  7. That's an unusual problem, having a battery fail like that. But I'm used to having unusual problems with my RV, see you aren't alone. Glad it was easily resolved.

    Love Tucson, you have to check out the Sonora Desert Museum amd the Pima Air Musuem, make sure to take the Boneyard bus tour.

  8. Looks like you've found an awesome park after all that stinky business :) I'll bet George is going crazy with all the dust and dirt! We know how he likes to keep Harvey and the truck spotless.

  9. Sonora desert Museum is really nice!! Glad all of Murphy's issues were corrected without too much difficulty;o))

  10. I too thought the smell would be from the cat. Sorry you have had so many problems with the camper on your way to California. YOur pictures are beautiful and I see so much sunshine out's usually grey here in NE Ohio. Have a nice Christmas with your family.