Thursday, December 13, 2012

Memory Lane

Glenn RV Park :-)
Bakersfield, CA

I was born in Bakersfield, California.
When I was 17, my Father got a new
job up in the Salinas, California area.
We moved north in 1974.

George has never seen the area where I spent my youth :-)

Today was the day to show him my stomping grounds.

We saw my elementary school..
Amy B. Seibert School

my junior high school..
Fred L. Thompson Junior High..

and the high school that I went to
through my junior year..
West High School..

We drove by the house I grew up in..

The favorite spot, that we just had to go to..
is Dewar's!

Except for a little updating, it looked exactly
how I remembered it.
My Mother used to come here and have ice cream
when she was young, too!

Even these two stuffed heads were there back then..

We had their famous 'Black & White'..

It is vanilla ice cream, then hot fudge, then chocolate ice cream,
then marshmallow creme..topped with walnuts..
It was the same too..and good..
but the price sure went up..$6.30 apiece!!

It was kind of cool visiting my old stomping grounds.
Some of it looked familiar, but Bakersfield has
grown so much in the last 37 years that
I had to use GPS to find all of it!


  1. always fun to check out the old haunts. . .did the house seem smaller than you remembered?

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  2. I just love your header picture. You two look so happy. Glad your "you can't go home again" visit turned out so well for you. Those "black and whites" look great but that is definitely a heafty price. Do you remember what it cost back in the day??? Less than half of that I'm guessing.

  3. We like that certain things in our hometown haven't changed. They bring back good memories.

  4. Nice that you were able to share a bit of your memories with George!!

  5. Always nice to stroll down memory lane......good times.

  6. Going back, sure can be fun, but just a visit is fine. The Black and White looks yummy, but more than two bites would do me in.

  7. The Eisenhower house looks better than when we lived there!!!


  8. Nothing like the "Good ol Days". :-)

  9. BTW, your great grandmother worked at Dewar's there on Eye St, also!

  10. What a price on those ice cream sundaes! What did they cost when you lived there? A nickel? ;c)

  11. Must have been nice going back to the old schools,with all the memories. My old schools have been torn down years ago.