Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

We had a great Christmas with not only my parents,
but my oldest son, Adam, and his girlfriend, Candee.
I sure wish my youngest son, Austin, could have been here, 
but it's hard for him to get off work and then fly out to California from Colorado.

We decided to drive down Christmas Eve and spend the night.
It's not a long drive, only about 35 miles, but with the price
of diesel, the more we can save, we will :-)

Christmas eve was spent worshiping at the Lutheran church
that I attended when living in Salinas,
They had a beautiful candlelight service,
and it was nice to see all my friends and how their children have grown up!

Our tradition is to have Chinese food Christmas eve.
We left church and drove to the restaurant that we know
is always open..
and they were just closing!
**sniff, sniff**
Not wanting to drive around and find another one,
we ended up at
Somehow it wasn't quite the same,
but the food was ok.
I'm still amazed at how many businesses are open 
on Christmas eve (or Christmas day for that matter!)

Christmas morning we lazed around a bit, 
then went to the church's Christmas morning service.
We came back to my parent's house and started preparing Christmas dinner.
I made an appetizer..goat cheese with mango chutney..

while George peeled potatoes..

my Dad made us Mimosas..

and my Mom got the meat ready..

The table looked lovely!

Before we started stuffing ourselves,
we opened the presents that Santa deposited.
George and I made it known not to get us anything,
as we only bought for the two grand kids and my two sons.
They didn't listen :-)

George was very surprised to get an ice maker..

(he only has been hinting at it for 3 months!)

My Mom was thrilled..
my Dad bought her a full set of
Shun knives..

Adam is a sous chef at a local restaurant,
so he got some great cookbooks and knives as well..

It was a great time with family!


  1. Looks like a very nice Christmas celebration! :) Glad that you had such a great time with family, and so nice not to have to worry about winter weather!!

  2. Looks like a great day, glad you guys enjoyed it!

  3. Another reason to be happy about your fulltime life! Just think, you can spend lots of time close to "home" with your folks.

    PS: What did George do wrong that he got KP and had to peel potatoes? I guess that's better than coal in his stocking... ;c)

  4. Nice Family time...that's what it's all about!! Merry Christmas to your both:o))

  5. aww a wonderful nice to see...enjoy the season-glad your son got there and you spent it together with your parents

  6. Looks like a lovely Christmas. You really do have to get some presents under the tree even if you are a full timer. They just have to be teeny weenie presents. ";-))

  7. It's great to be with family for the holidays. I hope your New Year will be just as Great!

  8. Looks like a wonderful time! Now, I wonder what George is going to do with an ice maker???? :)

  9. George proves that Santa is always listening.

  10. Mimosas -- never even thought of that, but I like that idea for Christmas morning. The tree is lovely. Great family time!

  11. We listened, but that is what parents do. Shower their kids with gifts and lots of love!