Friday, December 7, 2012

A little hiking, biking, and picnicking

Catalina State Park
Tucson, AZ

We are really enjoying our stay here at the park.
The weather has been beautiful..
high 70's during the day,
and chilly at night, in the 40's.
Bright sunny, blue skies.

Yesterday we took a bike ride around the campground loop..

..and to the ranger station to find out some hiking trails.
Doesn't this cactus look like a dog sitting begging?

We took a short walk up a trail,
and we will do that sometime later..

We came back and hung up the bird feeder...

Gila Woodpecker

Today we took a drive up to Saguaro National Park.
It's not a long drive from the campground,
but it is a beautiful view from the top!

We took Mr Gnome for the ride today,
he has always wanted to see what cactus was like..

He was not disappointed!
There are all kinds of varieties..

Even George was interested in them..

We hiked a couple trails..

We took a picnic lunch, and sat in one of areas..

and watched all the birds and squirrels..

Curved billed Thrasher

Bridled Titmouse

Antelope Ground Squirrel

It was a great end to a great day!


  1. Welcome to Arizona! You arrived at just the right time. Enjoy.

  2. Your ground squirrel and Gila Woodpecker look exactly like the little critters in my campsite. Isn't it fun seeing them all?

  3. Haha - a low in the 40s is chilly? That didn't take long!! :)

  4. Love all the pics. looks like you guys are having a good time

  5. Looks like a gull and interesting day. Great pictures of it.

  6. Well...I hate typing on this phone..full not gull day. :-(

  7. Boy are you guys knowledgeable on your birds! Lovely photos and a great day!

  8. We really enjoyed Saguaro NP, wish the road wasn't quite so bumpy, though. It is quite a change from PA, eh?

  9. So, you are enjoying this lifestyle yet?????