Monday, December 31, 2012

On to 2013!

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Happy 2013 to everyone!

Our 2012 was filled with a few events..
Retirement and going full-time!
Who knows what places we'll see in 2013..

Yesterday we did 'what was deemed necessary' in the
workamping experience.

I got a call on the walkie-talkie that my assistance was
needed in the clubhouse.
The resort is having a New Year's Eve party tonight,
and I helped with setting up the great room..

The girls had made these slip covers
to go over the folding chairs to make
them a bit fancier.
My job was to get them pinned on,
and the bows pinned on the back.

We aren't going to the party,
as they are charging $65 each,
and we thought that was a bit steep.

George and I are staying in, having our own munchies, 
and if we stay up long enough, some sparkling wine :-)

I took a few pictures around the resort while I was driving the cart..

Today we did some grocery shopping.
It was also time to upgrade our phones.
We both have androids,
George a Droid X2, and I had an HTC Incredible 2.

We both upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S III

We spent most of the afternoon getting them set up the way we like,
and learning new features to the phone.

Tomorrow we are going down to Prunedale,
to spend the day with my parents...
I will be rescuing my Mom from day long football games :-)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Workamping 101

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Thursday we started our first shift of workamping
here at the resort. 
The schedule is perfect for us for now.
We have 4 days on, 4 days off, the first day being 4 hours,
followed by three 8 hours days.
They don't care how we schedule the hours, 
as long as someone is covering the shift.

The other couple splits up their hours by working 2 hours, 
then switching places, and so on until the day is over.

George and I have been working together, at least for now.
He really enjoys driving the golf cart around anyway,
so I think he ends up doing more hours than I do :-)

Our full day is like this:
The worker always carries a walkie-talkie around with them.
This must be on by 8 am!
There is a census that must be done first thing in the morning,
of the empty spaces left in the park,
and a few meters to be read.
The office manager tells us which ones need to be read.
(There are quite a few monthly 'guests' here)

The next chore is to empty all the garbage cans in the clubhouse,
pool area, and office. That is really not a big deal.

The rest of the day is spent driving in circles!

There are 4 loops with 127 sites. I would say that half
of the sites are taken by extended stay (monthly) guests.
A lot of them are working in the area, and their companies
pay for the site while they are working.
The park has a very high standard when it comes to RVs here.
A lot of high-end motorhomes and fifth-wheels, and none over 10 years old.

while driving in circles..
there are garbage bags and recyclable bags that are to be picked up.
The recyclables are to be placed on an 'R' that is stenciled on each site.
The trash can be placed anywhere..
but sometimes it is hard to tell which is which.

As people pull out, their sites need to be swept,
sewer caps checked, and breakers turned off.
As you can see it hasn't been very warm here :-)

At any moment the walkie-talkie can squawk with orders to:
fill propane for someone..
escort a guest to their site..
or help take the Christmas decorations down :-)
(Whatever is deemed necessary!)

George thought that Mr Gnome had been ignored lately..
so he gave him a ride..

..until he wanted to drive..

I don't think that Gnomes are allowed to play in the golf carts :-)

Hopefully it will warm up here soon!

Last night we went for our Chinese meal with my Mom & Dad..

..and we will spend New Year's Day at their house.

More adventures later!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

We had a great Christmas with not only my parents,
but my oldest son, Adam, and his girlfriend, Candee.
I sure wish my youngest son, Austin, could have been here, 
but it's hard for him to get off work and then fly out to California from Colorado.

We decided to drive down Christmas Eve and spend the night.
It's not a long drive, only about 35 miles, but with the price
of diesel, the more we can save, we will :-)

Christmas eve was spent worshiping at the Lutheran church
that I attended when living in Salinas,
They had a beautiful candlelight service,
and it was nice to see all my friends and how their children have grown up!

Our tradition is to have Chinese food Christmas eve.
We left church and drove to the restaurant that we know
is always open..
and they were just closing!
**sniff, sniff**
Not wanting to drive around and find another one,
we ended up at
Somehow it wasn't quite the same,
but the food was ok.
I'm still amazed at how many businesses are open 
on Christmas eve (or Christmas day for that matter!)

Christmas morning we lazed around a bit, 
then went to the church's Christmas morning service.
We came back to my parent's house and started preparing Christmas dinner.
I made an appetizer..goat cheese with mango chutney..

while George peeled potatoes..

my Dad made us Mimosas..

and my Mom got the meat ready..

The table looked lovely!

Before we started stuffing ourselves,
we opened the presents that Santa deposited.
George and I made it known not to get us anything,
as we only bought for the two grand kids and my two sons.
They didn't listen :-)

George was very surprised to get an ice maker..

(he only has been hinting at it for 3 months!)

My Mom was thrilled..
my Dad bought her a full set of
Shun knives..

Adam is a sous chef at a local restaurant,
so he got some great cookbooks and knives as well..

It was a great time with family!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rain, rain, rain

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

George and I haven't seen so much rain!
(Well since Tropical Storm Lee).

We've been here since Monday, and we've only seen
one nice day of sunshine.
It does make for nice green hills,
and nice green grass.

We've spent the last two days doing what both of us finally deserve..

We've watched some movies on HBO/Showtime
on DirecTV while we still have a free subscription.

Watched a lot of football today..none of our teams are any good this year.

George fixed the fireplace too.
The motor that turns the 'flame' started making a horrible vibrating noise.
It wasn't the fire sound we like :-)
He called Dimplex (the manufacturer) a few weeks ago
and they sent a replacement motor.

Now it's nice and quiet like it should be :-)

Tomorrow we'll be driving down to my parents' house, 
and worshiping at church for Christmas Eve services.
Afterwards, we will go out for our traditional Chinese food!
George and I will spend the night at their house, and
then spend Christmas day there as well.
My son, Adam, and his girlfriend, Candee will join us
for Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

I sure will be glad when this work stuff will be over.
NOT the workamp stuff..
the 'other' work :-(

We've been here at Coyote since Monday 12/17.
If you remember, I agreed to stay on as President of the
bottled water company until the end of the year.
I have been doing some work for them from home,
logging into the computer and preparing financial statements,
and any other issues that arise that I can do from home.
That hasn't been an issue, really, and the $$ and health insurance
I don't want to complain about :-)

there are some things going on there that have taken up a lot of my time..
a LOT.
Projects that require a lot of computer time, spreadsheets to be worked on..
now I'm in another time zone, which means that conference calls
have to be done at 6 am PST.
I'm not a morning person :-)

So enough complaining..

The last couple days we've been shadowing the other couple that
is workamping here. Very nice couple from Minnesota (don't ya know) :-)

George is in his element, driving a golf cart around,
filling propane, 
and generally enjoying putzing around seeing what he can do.
We don't officially start until Thursday 12/27, and at that point
we will be working 3 1/2 days (4 hr/8 hr/8 hr/8 hr) shifts, with 4 days off.
It's not a hard job at all, and this is a nice park, and nice people here.
A lot of month to month rigs, but no rig under 10 years old!
I'll have more pictures when I have time.

Here's a few..

Since I was up early,
a nice sunrise out our back window..

Wednesday evening we drove down to my parents house
(Ted & Leanne) to go to my home church's Advent service.
Afterwards we stopped in to the restaurant where my son works,
to have a drink with him, his girlfriend, and some of her family.

We will see them again on Christmas day.

Yesterday I went down to Salinas to get a haircut and color.
The salon where my Mom goes is terrific. The girl that did
my hair did a great job, and I'm blonde again :-)

Today I got caught up on everyone's blogs (sorry for all the late comments).
I've been so busy with the work thing, I haven't had time for MY stuff on here!

I promise more posts about the work we will do here, and more pictures :-)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our first workamping gig

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Well, we're all set up and ready to begin our first workamping job.

Months ago we answered a listing on
to help out at Coyote Valley RV Resort

We were actually supposed to start on January 3rd,
but the owner called us in early.
We were more than happy to oblige,
as it saves us quite a bit of $$!

It's a nice park, with all kinds of amenities,
including a hot tub!

Tomorrow we'll be shadowing the other
workamper couple, Jim & Jeannie.
We'll be escorting people to their sites,
collecting trash & recyclables at sites, 
filling propane,
and preparing empty sites for new RVrs.
Sounds like a simple job!
We only have to work 28 hours total
for this beautiful site.

My parents took a ride up to see our new home,

and even brought us dinner!

It is going to be nice to be spending time 
with family for Christmas,
and 4 months of spending time in California in general!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Glenn RV Park
Bakersfield, CA

We've been enjoying our stay at my Aunt & Uncle's property.
They've actually loved having us here too, 
as we've been helping do a few things around the ranch.

They have two horses out here,

and Henry..

They both love candy canes..

..but we've been feeding them their regular stuff too..

We have been able to reconnect with my cousins..


Her husband, Carlos

Kelly, and her husband Gary

We've had some good meals at my Aunt & Uncle's house..

..and today we went to the Crystal Palace,
Buck Owen's restaurant/museum.

We've had a great time!

Tomorrow it is time to move along..
and start our first workcamp job!

They called and asked if we could come in early..
and so we will.
We'll be there until the end of April.

Wow, imagine us, staying in one place that long! :-)