Friday, November 16, 2012

Update and a taste of Betty's

Betty's RV Park
Abbeville, LA

Last blog post we were still 
staying at Fort Pickens.
We had visited the Naval Aviation Museum,
and had dinner with Jeannie & Eldy.

We got home that night and noticed
that our refrigerator was not
cold, and stuff in the freezer was
thawing out :-(

So...we left one day early.
The National Park Service graciously
refunded us one night's stay :-)
George called the Camping World
in Gulf Breeze, FL,
and they got us right in.
They diagnosed the problem,
some sort of sensor for the thermostat.
Good news is it was paid under warranty!
They did want us to stay overnight to
make sure the fridge got to the right temperature.

They had great spots with electric to back into..

We were able to pull out yesterday morning.
Last night we stayed at a Flying J
in Gulfport, MS to break up
the day's drive to Louisiana.

This afternoon we rolled into Betty's!

It's a tight little lot, but plenty of
room between rigs.
We got all settled in, 
then at 4:30 it's happy hour
at Betty's famous pavilion.

We've met some nice people here..
some with mutual friends..

Tomorrow we're all going into
the town of Erath to listen 
to some good Cajun music.

We're only staying until Monday..
maybe we have to extend it!


  1. Glad your refrig got fixed before you lost any food. And under warranty. Doesn't get much better than that. Very nice of the park service. Few campgrounds will refund.

    I've read some other blog posts about Betty's in the past. I'll be looking forward to your report.

  2. Seems like Betty's is a very popular place! She must be quite the entertainer to have so many people flock to her park. Looking forward to your experience...Have fun!

  3. Glad your fridge was quickly fixed and covered under warranty.

    Betty's is on our radar to check out some time. Judging from other reports we've read we're pretty sure you'll have a good time! Enjoy!

  4. It is good when problems are easily fixed.

  5. Well, looks like things work themselves out and now you can have fun at Betty's!!!

  6. I love the new photo. You both look healthy and happy.


  7. One of these days when in Lousiana (it is often) we will spend a day or two at Betty's. Sounds like fun.