Friday, November 30, 2012

The Joy of Camping World

Camping World
Katy, TX

As most of you know,
we had a problem with our
Norcold refrigerator in Harvey.

It started in Gulf Breeze, FL.
All of a sudden the freezer wasn't freezing,
and the fridge wasn't cold enough.

At that point we took it into the CW
in Gulf Breeze, and they determined 
that it was some kind of sensor that
controlled the thermostat.
They replaced that part, and voila~
it worked!
For 4 days :-)

In Louisiana it decided to stop working again.

A week and a half ago, we pulled into 
THIS Camping World,
in Katy, TX

There they determined that it was the cooling unit.
They ordered one, we went on our merry way
to our camping destination in Cut-N-Shoot.
While we were there, our fridge made a miraculous recovery.
George decided to keep this under his hat, because,
as you know, things have a way of not working again :-)

So, now the cooling unit is being installed.
I am sitting here enjoying their free (yet s-l-o-w) wifi.

Fridge is out and on the floor..

Our fantastic service team..

The old cooling unit..

We will be spending the night here again
to make sure that it is running right .

Tomorrow, if all goes right, we should
be on our way to San Antonio for a few days.

We're looking forward to the River Walk!


  1. Hope they get the problem solved once and for all and have fun at the River Walk, it is great!

  2. Sometimes it seems repairmen just keep trying one part after the other because they really don't know what is wrong. Trial and error until they hit the right one. Not a good scenario for full timers on the move though.

  3. You will love the River Walk. Good luck with the fridge problem. I hope it is solved for you.

  4. Ah, the wonderful Notcold fridges. Guaranteed to make you "hot" under the collar trying to get it cold.

    Hope the third try (or is it the fourth?) is the charm.

    You'll love the River Walk, just keep a close eye on your food if you eat outside, the pigeons are skilled dive bombers! :cO

    Check out the Alamo, it's right next door.

  5. It's been years since I visited San Antonio, but I remember it as a very pleasant city. Enjoy.

  6. heres hoping that problem is solved once and for all good luck and travel safe!!!

  7. Sure hope this solves the problem! We loved the River Walk and the Alamo. Hope things get back to normal soon.

  8. Have always wanted to see the River Walk glad you will be taking me there. I was just thinking today that our 8 year old norcold seems to be very cold even at a very low setting. Maybe we have the opposite problem from yours.

  9. Hope the fix is in;o))

    Have fun in San Antonio!!!

  10. OH, you are about 12 miles from me! I'm near Katy. Good luck with that temperamental fridge. I had to have a new one installed in my MH 2 years ago. Ouch, but ya have to have one -- have tons of fun in S.A.
    Nice time of year to be there, the Riverwalk will be all decorated up :-)

  11. Hope you're well on your way to -- if not already in -- San Antonio, and your fridge problems are a thing of the past.

  12. Have fun in San Antonio - hope the fridge problems are resolved finally!