Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tabasco Factory

Betty's RV Park
Abbeville, LA

There is so much to do in this area.
One of the things we'd have liked
to do was one of the swamp tours.
There are several companies that give
them, but at $20 per person, we
decided we'll leave that for next time 
we are in the area..and we will be :-)

Instead, today we decided to visit
It was free, so that was better ;-)

It was an interesting tour, with a lot
of information about how the sauce is made.
We were lucky enough to see one of the bottling
lines running. They normally don't run on the weekends.

 Our cute little tour guide obliged
us with a picture of Mr Gnome on the sign :-)

The best part of the tour (and all tours!) was
the gift shop and store..
there was every style of Tabasco sauce imaginable..

Just outside the factory is another
section of Avery Island, called the Jungle Gardens.
We did pay the $8 per person for this..
but wished we hadn't. This time of year
nothing is in bloom, and this is the only bird we saw..

..oh well..maybe we should have popped
for the swamp tour after all :-)

Back at Betty's...
tonight was a potluck!

There was a lot of good food,
and we made some new friends..

Betty is the best!

We'll be back!


  1. I'm not sure about that swamp tour...never know what kind of critters are likely to pop up in there ! I would have played it safe too :)

  2. Sure are a lot of happy faces in those pictures. :-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the factory tour!

    What is the weather like there?

    1. 70's daytime, and chilly at night. Beautifully sunny days!

  4. We toured the factory but opted out of the bird tour. Did not think it was worth it when you can see those same birds for free.

    Free is always good.

  5. Betty's is on the list for a place to stay...

  6. We didn't do the potluck. You have more people there then we did. Isn't Betty the best? What a wonderful place to go. We'll be back too.

  7. With all that Tabasco, it must have been quite a hot pot luck!

  8. Free is always a good choice. It would have our choice likewise.

  9. It's hard to know which things to do and which to skip. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. But it's all a learning experience. FREE is usually a winner I've found. :-))