Sunday, November 4, 2012

Swap meet!

Huntington Beach State Park
Murrell's Inlet, SC

George and I have been
looking for a place to buy nuts.

We like to snack on more
healthy alternatives,
so we have containers of
different types of nuts on hand,
and we were running low.

suggested a trip to
Fresh Market,
as they were having a
'Taste of the Holidays'

They had several tasting stations..

...and lots of good things
to look at!

We replenished our supply of nuts,
and came back to the campground.

We sat out, enjoying the warm temps,
and talked to Lee & Martha, and Bill..

After awhile, we decided
it was time for the beach again..
..and several others decided to come too..

I could stay on the beach all day!

Soon it was time for the
highlight of the day..
the swap meet!

Everyone that had something
to get rid of brought it
to the campfire area.
Bill then showed each 
item, described it
(sometimes to the best of his ability :-) )..
and then anyone who wanted it would
raise their hand, and take it.

Not sure who was happiest..
the people that got rid of their
stuff..or the ones that got 
a new item!

Nancy graciously took a picture
of all of the Carolina Clan group..

We talked about doing this
again next year..
Marti & I volunteered to
organize next year's gathering.

Looking forward to it! 


  1. Looks like you guys have had such an awesome time!! :) So great to get together for conversation and laughs.

  2. Too bad we were only able to get rid of one thing each at the swap meet. My CCC would have appreciated it... ;c)

  3. What a wonderful group pic. . .you will be so glad you got that!

    and the group on the beach look happy as clams too. . . :)


  4. Keep us posted on next years events and we will try incorporate it into our trip south :)

  5. Love the picture of the both of you on the beach. Looks like a great time. Can't wait till we're on the beach in a few weeks.

  6. So did you get rid of something or take something!

    1. Both! George got rid of a Snake Light (Black & Decker) and picked up a stepstool.

  7. and we inherited the snake light and got rid of a wine rack :)

    It seems logical that the former president of a company would volunteer to organize the next one :) Have fun! We can hardly wait to see what you and Marti will have planned for the next one :)

  8. We've never been to Fresh Market before. Will have to check it out -- especially when they're handing out samples!