Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pensacola Beach

Fort Pickens Campground
Gulf Islands National Seashore, FL

Yesterday was spent taking
care of some things..
George worked on getting bugs
off of the front of Harvey,
and I worked on the month-end
financial statements for
my ex-job :-)

Today we woke up to windy
conditions, but it was still in the high 60's.

We decided we wanted to poke around
the little area of Pensacola Beach.

There are shops, restaurants,
and lots of hotels along
this strip..

Love all the colors..

Walking around makes you hungry!

We stopped here for lunch..

$2.00 Bloody Marys :-)
and beignets!

We were pleasantly surprised
by a bagpipe band
marching through the restaurant..

and then got to see them again
in the Veteran's Day parade
soon after..

It was a cool little parade!

There is a really big
ferris-wheel type thing..

but at $13.95 per person,
we decided to see it from the ground :-)

Mr Gnome was not happy :-(

It was a great day!


  1. Love that last seems to say it all :)

  2. Great place! We'll be back to that area and do more next time. You're lucky to see the bagpipes, that's cool.

  3. We're in that other "P" - Pennsylvania right now and wish we were with you! No white sandy beaches here... :c(

  4. Bagpipe band in your restaurant. What a hoot! Looks like a nice parade and a very fine day. What's Mr. Gnome unhappy about?? He wanted to do the ferris wheel? Tell him to pull out his wallet and you'll take him. :-))

  5. Walks like that are great - you never know what you might find, some place good to eat and a parade to boot. :)

  6. That's an area we want to visit. So we are taking notes. How about a campground tour!?!?!

  7. The beach temp looks to be much warmer there! Maybe a new beach pic is in order. :)

  8. So, with a little over a month of fulltiming under your belts, do you still like it? LOL

  9. I never could handle ferris wheels -- not a fan of heights. Checking it out from the ground would've been just fine with me. :-)

  10. Fort Pickens looks like a great place! It's gone onto our bucket list. So glad you guys are enjoying it!

    Bruce and Laura