Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Camping World
Katy, TX

Where we should be is at
Country Place RV Park
in Cut and Shoot, TX.

Instead we are in a Camping World
repair bay again since yesterday.

When we were in Gulf Breeze, FL,
the refrigerator stopped working.
It would get cold with propane
just enough
but not enough to freeze anything.
We got a sensor replaced,
and it worked 4 days.
We noticed it doing the same
thing again when we left
Betty's in Louisiana.

as we were scheduled to be in
the Houston, TX area,
we called the CW here to
have them look at it again.

Two days later..they're still trying
to figure out the problem.
They're going through everything
by process of elimination.

my sister-in-law Connie
picked me up today,
and we did the girl thing..

and then went to lunch!

She dropped me back off at CW,
where I met up with George.
I told him it's time for a haircut!

This was my first haircut since we left Pennsylvania,
and the first one in 20 years by someone else!
It turned out pretty good :-)

 Connie invited us over to have dinner tonight..

Mr Gnome was quite happy about that..

Connie's daughter, Annie and her boyfriend Grant
met Mr Gnome too :-)

So, tomorrow, we hope that
CW figures out the fridge thing.
even though we'll be at George's brothers
for Thanksgiving..
it's one more day our home won't be
at a campground :-(


  1. Hang in there ...hope they figure it out soon..love love your haircut....

  2. How frustrating! Hope the issue is resolved once and for all and this is your last stay at CW for a while.

    Nice haircut!

  3. That is aggravating!! I hope they figure it out pretty soon, and that the fix stays FIXED this time!!

  4. Tis the life of a fulltimer on the road. I am sure being near family helped in this situation.

    In the new banner pic, ya'll are looking like experienced fulltimers!

  5. Sorry bout the fridge...it is frustrating to have to repair, REPAIRS;o(( Love the new haircut and the new blog header photo!!!

  6. I can certainly understand your frustration. We had the same problem when we purchased our new to us motor home from Lazy Days. The refrigerator never seemed to cool properly. They would fix something, then we'd have to wait to see if the fix worked since these refrigerators don't cool down real quickly. They tried several "fixes" before they ended up replacing the refrigerator for us. Fortunately for us, they paid for it. I hope you don't have that problem...unless you have a warranty.

  7. What a hassle with the fridge..Love the haircut and Eldy says he loves the "Irish" T shirt..

  8. Fridges seem to be the most troublesome component of RVs, next to awnings and tires and roofs and levelers and plumbing and batteries and...it's a wonder we are brave enough to roll down the highway in one!

    Love the haircut. George should have one that good... ;c)

  9. So hope your fridge problems are solved soon. How frustrating! I'm sure glad we got rid of ours and went residential. Best decision we made, I think :)
    Love, love the haircut! Short, short is so easy :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  10. I have never had much faith in the repair skills of Camping World and I bought our current MH at one. You might actually have better luck with one of the mobile repair types that come to you. Most of those actually seem to be pretty good.

  11. Bummer about the fridge - I hope they fix it soon. You've got to have a working fridge/freezer, that's for sure.

    Your haircut is darling! I love having short hair, it's so easy and quick to wash and blow dry - or not blow dry.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and George! :)

  12. So sorry about the fridge. What a pain to have thought it was fixed and have to spend the time and inconvenience all over again. Hope someone can get this taken care of for you. I too have never had much faith in Camping World.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. I hope that you have your fridge fixed soon. In the meantime enjoy the holiday and family.
    I too will be at CW for a few days getting repairs done, only in New Braunfels. I sure would like to get together while you are in San Antonio or while you are on your way there. I'm just north of I 10 on Hwy 80. Or maybe at Travelers World. It is a nice park, just be careful of the tight turns and rocks. The staff is great there.
    Contact me if you would like.

  14. Hope you get things fixed soon. I just got a hair cut lst week and it turned out ok. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.