Saturday, November 17, 2012

Le Cafe du Musee

Betty's RV Park
Abbeville, LA

It seems that we are one
of the few couples here
at Betty's that have
never been here before.
Betty's place here is so
welcoming and inviting,
that RVrs come back 
year after year..
and stay for weeks!

We do feel very welcome, however.
Betty told us about the local
farmer's market..
so we took a drive up to 
check it out..

There were more craft items
than produce, but it was
nice to walk around.
We did purchase a loaf
of pumpkin-curry bread.
Odd combination, but it
was really good!

At 2 pm, we took Betty's
suggestion and headed into
Erath with most all of the
other RVrs that are staying here.

There is a place called
where a group of musicians
playing some great Zydeco music
get together every other Saturday
and have a jam session.
We were lucky enough to hit
the right Saturday!

It was pretty cool..most of the 
songs were in French Cajun
but it got the crowd hopping.

We even got to be a part
of the induction of a man
into the Cajun Order of Living Legends..

..and then they coaxed him into 
playing a number with the band.
I unfortunately did not get his
correct name (they were all hard to understand!).

It was a great day, and we just
love the Cajun culture.

Tomorrow we are planning to
go to Avery Island, 
and tour the Tabasco factory.

Betty has planned a pot-luck tomorrow,
and is bringing a few singers here
to entertain us all :-)


  1. That's definitely a good sign that Betty has so many return customers. She sounds like a lovely lady.

  2. That place sounds awesome! We've only been to one park where the owner made everyone feel like family and it sure was fun! There should be more like that.

  3. Wow, a potluck. I think that sounds like fun.


  4. looks like a blast..we will have to put her place on our 'to see' list

  5. Wow, what a fun place!! We're taking notes;o))

  6. I've heard great things about Betty's. Glad you are having such a good time. How far in advance did you have to reserve?

    1. I called Betty when we were still in Myrtle Beach, so about 2 weeks ago. She didn't seem to hesitate to fit us in :)

  7. We are planning on stopping there after our stay in AL. Everything we read about Bettys, put it at the top of our list to stop at.

  8. ahhhh. . .the tabasco factory is on my list. . .not my bucket list. . .just my someday list. . . :)

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  9. Okay - I now have no problem understanding my Cajun hubby, but when in NJ he gets lots of "you're not from around here are you?" As far as Cajun music, I could always tell when he was homesick because he would be playing what he calls "French music" on the truck CD player. Fine, but it will sounds the same to me.

  10. Betty's is on our list, we can't wait to get there. We've read so many great reviews about her CG, nice that you've gotten there. :c)