Monday, November 12, 2012

Cleaning, dumping, and 4.8 miles

Fort Pickens Campground
Gulf Islands National Seashore, FL

Interesting title, huh? :-)
This morning we got up,
lounged a bit, then
gave Harvey a good cleaning inside.

While I was finishing polishing
and scrubbing,
George got busy outside.
Yes, we broke down and
bought a Thetford 27 gallon Smarttote LX.

Now there is no excuse not to stay
in all those wonderful National & State parks!

I also rode around the park
and took pictures of some of the different
views and sites for Nancy & Bill.

 With all our chores out of the way,
we took Gail's advice
and walked from the bay side
of the campground
all around the tip,
to the gulf side..
a total of 4.8 miles!

It was a cloudy day, but still warm.

We saw lots of birds..

Snowy Egret

Blue Heron

We picked up the pace as we saw the clouds
getting a bit darker..

..and couldn't believe a sailboat
would go out in this kind of weather..

We got back home just 
in started to rain just
as we made the campground.

The rest of the day was spent
watching movies, and listening to the rain.

Tomorrow is looking good..
for a visit to Pensacola..
the lighthouse,
the Naval Aviation Museum,
and dinner with


  1. You are definitely living the good life although I'm not sure toting the blue boy would be part of that in George's dream world. :-))

  2. Another awesome day! Ain't life grand?!

    We are sure hoping to be on the road behind you in about 10 more weeks!!! :)

  3. We'll have to stop there next spring. The park looks great. Great post.

  4. I have been pleased with the smart tote, in fact I will be doing that chore tomorrow. I pull it behind the truck because the dump site is about a half a mile away. I hope you enjoy the Naval Aviation Museum.

  5. Ahhhh - the blue boy (at least in our case it is blue!) A necessary evil for us as we like to stay in state/federal parks and would rather tote than move the rig when we stay 2 weeks! ;-)

  6. We'd rather move the rig than tote the blue boy but George sure looked good toting that thing :)
    So, after the 4.8 miles walk, are you still walking? We did that walk everyday when we were there. I loved it!

  7. Great exercise and wonderful photos.


    1. Good job, George. You are the best.!


  8. Nice to see that George still has a smile on his face while he's toting the blue boy. :-)

  9. Thanks for the photos. We are taking notes:o)) However, we skipped the part about the Blue Boy. We would move the rig rather than tote the blue boy. But glad to see you found a way so you can stay in all the beautiful places:o))

  10. Looks like you have the same "blue boy" as us. That is, if yours is really gray.

    Do you find, as I do, that the rig is really a dust magnet requiring constant dusting?

    1. my rig is a total dust magnet Phyllis. . .and the windows always need cleaning. . .what's up with that?

      ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  11. I love your bird shots - those are some of my favorite birds. Unfortunately I've only seen them at the RV park in Santee Lakes, CA, so I have to enjoy them through other people's blogs. I'm not near water very often.

    I'd rather move the rig than get a blueboy, too, but I'm only 24 feet and a motor home, so it's much easier for me.

  12. With one of those smarttotes, I could retire my bucket! ;c)

  13. NO. . .NO. . .NO to the blue boy. . .just don't wanna do it. . .even if it does mean limiting our stay sometimes. . .have fun though!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog