Monday, November 26, 2012

A bit about nuttin'

Country Place RV Park
Cut-N-Shoot, TX

The last 3 days have flown by.
We really haven't done much
to blog about...
but we did do a few things.

Saturday was spent picking up groceries,
washing the truck at the car wash,
and grilled some small steaks,
then had a nice fire in our fire ring.

I have been missing going to a worship service,
so Sunday I searched out a Lutheran church in the area.
We found a lovely church

We headed down to Bill & Connie's afterward,
where Bill treated us to lunch while Connie had to work :-(
We went back to their house and sat around
gabbing long enough for Connie to come home,
and invite us to stay for dinner :-)

Today was a quiet day.
George decided to give me a day
to myself..
(I've been having some hormonal-menopausal-adjust to full time life-sorta days).
It was nice..I started the wash,
watched a couple chick flicks on the satellite.
Then I got off my butt, rode my bike on the nature trail,
and met the people camped next to us.
She and I took a walk down the same nature trail.

Then i plopped myself in my anti-gravity recliner
with a good book and my camera with a view of the pond..

and the ducks..

While I was sitting there, George came home.
We sat outside for a bit longer, and both
heard knocking sounds on the trees.

Red headed woodpeckers!

We didn't have a fire tonight as it is quite warm out..
but I think that will change in the next couple days.

Tomorrow we may go exploring,
or take in a movie..
or both!


  1. Amazing how you can fill iup your day when you don't have anything to do!

  2. Having time to yourselves is important and has nothing to do with menopausal, hormonal things (although, that probably helps :)) It's just good for a relationship. We fulltimers live in a very small space. Time alone is good for the mental health...for both of you! :)

  3. Nice to have lots of choices, glad that you found a good Lutheran Church in the area!

  4. Amazing how the days can fly by when you're just doing a bit of this and that! :) I am sure looking forward to some do nothing days!

  5. "ME-TIME" is really important for everyone!!

    Your day sounds like what I call "Piddling" ;o))

  6. Yep - you were piddling! I second Gail and Nancy's comments about "me-time". ;-)

  7. One of the first things we do when we hit town is find a Methodist church. Amazing the variety of reception we get as visitors. From complete ignoring of us to open arms.

    We get our alone time because of our extreme preferences in TV watching. He in the living area, me in the bedroom. Plus an occasional shopping alone time.

  8. Sounds like a pretty normal full time life day to me. Piddling is good, someone I know always called it noodling around. Whatever, it's great to have the time to do it. The hardest thing I found about full timing was getting over my need to always be "doing something" which implied "productive". Took me a while but I managed, to get over it that is. :-)

  9. Try two menopausal about needing a little "me time"!

  10. I call it a puttering day..and we all need one every now and then..fulltime or not..:)