Friday, November 30, 2012

The Joy of Camping World

Camping World
Katy, TX

As most of you know,
we had a problem with our
Norcold refrigerator in Harvey.

It started in Gulf Breeze, FL.
All of a sudden the freezer wasn't freezing,
and the fridge wasn't cold enough.

At that point we took it into the CW
in Gulf Breeze, and they determined 
that it was some kind of sensor that
controlled the thermostat.
They replaced that part, and voila~
it worked!
For 4 days :-)

In Louisiana it decided to stop working again.

A week and a half ago, we pulled into 
THIS Camping World,
in Katy, TX

There they determined that it was the cooling unit.
They ordered one, we went on our merry way
to our camping destination in Cut-N-Shoot.
While we were there, our fridge made a miraculous recovery.
George decided to keep this under his hat, because,
as you know, things have a way of not working again :-)

So, now the cooling unit is being installed.
I am sitting here enjoying their free (yet s-l-o-w) wifi.

Fridge is out and on the floor..

Our fantastic service team..

The old cooling unit..

We will be spending the night here again
to make sure that it is running right .

Tomorrow, if all goes right, we should
be on our way to San Antonio for a few days.

We're looking forward to the River Walk!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Date day

Country Place RV Park
Cut-N-Shoot, TX

So after a very nice 'me' day..
I wanted a 'date' day :-)

We needed to get some Christmas shopping done..
so off we headed to the
about 10 miles south of us.
It is a lovely mall, and had lots of
Christmas decorations,
including Santa!
Oh wait...where is Santa!?

Must be break time :-)

We picked up a few things,
walked around and looked at all the shops.

Our destination was actually to
the Cinemark to go to the movies.

We picked Argo, which I know a lot of 
family and friends have seen.
We were not disappointed!
I think it was very well done, and
the actors that portrayed the hostages
were spot-on.

After the movies, we decided to go 
get something to eat.
There were so many choices, 
but we settled on
Macaroni Grill.

The best restaurants let you color on the tables :-)

Right around the corner from the mall,
there was a great Christmas light display,
along with an outdoor ice skating rink.

We went inside to watch...
but NOT to skate :-)

Gotta love the Zamboni!

It was a great day...
and a great beginning to the
Christmas season..

Monday, November 26, 2012

A bit about nuttin'

Country Place RV Park
Cut-N-Shoot, TX

The last 3 days have flown by.
We really haven't done much
to blog about...
but we did do a few things.

Saturday was spent picking up groceries,
washing the truck at the car wash,
and grilled some small steaks,
then had a nice fire in our fire ring.

I have been missing going to a worship service,
so Sunday I searched out a Lutheran church in the area.
We found a lovely church

We headed down to Bill & Connie's afterward,
where Bill treated us to lunch while Connie had to work :-(
We went back to their house and sat around
gabbing long enough for Connie to come home,
and invite us to stay for dinner :-)

Today was a quiet day.
George decided to give me a day
to myself..
(I've been having some hormonal-menopausal-adjust to full time life-sorta days).
It was nice..I started the wash,
watched a couple chick flicks on the satellite.
Then I got off my butt, rode my bike on the nature trail,
and met the people camped next to us.
She and I took a walk down the same nature trail.

Then i plopped myself in my anti-gravity recliner
with a good book and my camera with a view of the pond..

and the ducks..

While I was sitting there, George came home.
We sat outside for a bit longer, and both
heard knocking sounds on the trees.

Red headed woodpeckers!

We didn't have a fire tonight as it is quite warm out..
but I think that will change in the next couple days.

Tomorrow we may go exploring,
or take in a movie..
or both!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Lazy day after..

Country Place RV Park
Cut-N-Shoot, TX

We sure hope everyone had a nice
Thanksgiving, whether it was with
extended family, or RV families.

We are lucky enough to be staying
in the Houston area, and within
an hour of George's brother Bill, and sister in law Connie.

Connie's family extended an invitation to us
to join all of them at her sister's house yesterday.

There was so much food!
The women gathered in the kitchen
to get it all ready..

The men were all outside
watching football on the TV that
was hanging on the wall on the patio..

Dessert was good too!

Today George and I barely got out of our jammies :-)

We did take a walk around the campground..

It got pretty filled up, mostly today and
I'm sure through the weekend.
Today was gray and a bit chilly
so no campfire tonight :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Country Place RV Park
Cut-N-Shoot, TX

Finally at the campground.
We are staying at 
It is a great little park,
with several ponds,
and great space between sites.

The saga of the fridge continues.

After all the tests, they have determined
that the culprit is the cooling unit.
Norcold wants to send in a new unit..
which is all covered under warranty.
Of course, being the holiday weekend,
it may take a bit of time to get the new unit shipped.
The fridge is keeping things cold 'enough'..
so we're making do with that and an ice chest.

Tonight we picked up a few groceries,
and then finally got to use our new
fire ring..

The campground really decorates up for the holidays..

Tomorrow we'll spend Thanksgiving with George's brother, Bill,
his sister in law, Connie, and her big family.
Should be terrific!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Camping World
Katy, TX

Where we should be is at
Country Place RV Park
in Cut and Shoot, TX.

Instead we are in a Camping World
repair bay again since yesterday.

When we were in Gulf Breeze, FL,
the refrigerator stopped working.
It would get cold with propane
just enough
but not enough to freeze anything.
We got a sensor replaced,
and it worked 4 days.
We noticed it doing the same
thing again when we left
Betty's in Louisiana.

as we were scheduled to be in
the Houston, TX area,
we called the CW here to
have them look at it again.

Two days later..they're still trying
to figure out the problem.
They're going through everything
by process of elimination.

my sister-in-law Connie
picked me up today,
and we did the girl thing..

and then went to lunch!

She dropped me back off at CW,
where I met up with George.
I told him it's time for a haircut!

This was my first haircut since we left Pennsylvania,
and the first one in 20 years by someone else!
It turned out pretty good :-)

 Connie invited us over to have dinner tonight..

Mr Gnome was quite happy about that..

Connie's daughter, Annie and her boyfriend Grant
met Mr Gnome too :-)

So, tomorrow, we hope that
CW figures out the fridge thing.
even though we'll be at George's brothers
for Thanksgiving..
it's one more day our home won't be
at a campground :-(

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tabasco Factory

Betty's RV Park
Abbeville, LA

There is so much to do in this area.
One of the things we'd have liked
to do was one of the swamp tours.
There are several companies that give
them, but at $20 per person, we
decided we'll leave that for next time 
we are in the area..and we will be :-)

Instead, today we decided to visit
It was free, so that was better ;-)

It was an interesting tour, with a lot
of information about how the sauce is made.
We were lucky enough to see one of the bottling
lines running. They normally don't run on the weekends.

 Our cute little tour guide obliged
us with a picture of Mr Gnome on the sign :-)

The best part of the tour (and all tours!) was
the gift shop and store..
there was every style of Tabasco sauce imaginable..

Just outside the factory is another
section of Avery Island, called the Jungle Gardens.
We did pay the $8 per person for this..
but wished we hadn't. This time of year
nothing is in bloom, and this is the only bird we saw..

..oh well..maybe we should have popped
for the swamp tour after all :-)

Back at Betty's...
tonight was a potluck!

There was a lot of good food,
and we made some new friends..

Betty is the best!

We'll be back!