Saturday, October 6, 2012

Whole lot of nuttin'

Checkers Campground
Welcome, MN

Today was a true day of
relaxation, and nothing.

It got down to 29 degrees
last night, so the campground
shut the water off.
We had filled our fresh water tank up, 
and unhooked the water hose
so that the water line wouldn't freeze.

It got up to a whopping 39 degrees today..
I poked my nose outside
and took a picture of our site..

Other than that, I stayed inside,
did the wash, and started
researching where we are going
between Sioux Falls
and Murrells Inlet.

George did some putzing outside..
and talking to the few neighbors
who are staying here.

Tomorrow we're going to
go buy groceries,
and see what Fairmont, MN
is all about :-)


  1. Stay warm, daughter. It was 73 here today and wonderful. Didn't do much, just lazed about.
    See the email.


  2. Wow, 39 degrees!! Good thing you left the beginning of October! Our nights are heading for the 30s, but our days have still been in the 50s. :) I am so hoping that we will be able to head south before this winter is over!

    Enjoy your days of doing nuttin'! It sounds wonderful. :0)

  3. BRRRR! Hurry and get your business done in SD so you can return south :)

  4. Wow-29! I am looking forward to something down in the low 60's :)

  5. Nuttin? 29 degrees sounds like something!

  6. Sounds like hot chocolate and quilt weather to me!

  7. Be sure to leave that weather where you found it when you head to Huntington Beach ;o)))

  8. The word that comes to mind is BRRRRRR.

  9. Football weather for sure. Now is a good time to make sure the furnace is working properly before it really gets cold up there.

  10. Hope you have a fireplace in your Monty. We love ours and it sure helps during Winter here in New Jersey.

  11. 39??? Yikes!! Good hot cider weather.