Monday, October 8, 2012

We're home!

Tower Campground
Sioux Falls, SD

Our new home state!

But first..

When we left the Camping World
in Madison, WI on Friday,
George noticed that the
'check engine' light stayed on.
I was a bit worried but George
thought it might be another 
glow plug that went out.

When we pulled in to Fairmont, MN,
I 'googled' a chevy dealer.
We pulled in on Friday late afternoon.
The service manager plugged in to 
the computer of the truck,
and confirmed that it was the #4 glow plug.
It was too late to do anything then, 
so he put us in for a Monday morning
service appointment.

So, fast forward to this morning.
While I got everything packed away,
George drove over to
Within 3 hours, they had diagnosed
that 2 glow plugs needed to be 
replaced, then replaced them,
and George was on his way back.
They even washed the truck!
Great people, great service!

We arrived in Sioux Falls around 2:30,
and pulled into the Tower Campground.

We got all settled in to site #406

We were supposed to be in
the 'new' area..

They have the 'new' area
torn up to make 'new'.

Our site is plenty big,
but backs up right to Hwy 29

Is very noisy..

but..tomorrow is drivers license day!


  1. Hi nieghbor!
    We also stayed at Tower and it was way to noisey for our liking.
    The camphost was working very hard to improve the park. Glad you got the truck rolling without to much pain.

  2. Howdy neighbors! The owners at Tower are real friendly and even provided a free pancake breakfast for the guests the weekend we were there.

  3. Why South Dakota as home base? Are the laws different there?

    1. You only have to stay one NIGHT in a campground or motel to be able to get your driver's license. It's a VERY friendly state for RVers, very low taxes, license plate fees, etc. Most RVers pick South Dakota, Texas or Florida for their state residency if they are full timers. Indiana license plate fees for our motorhome would have been 1300. In S. Dakota, 345.00. Easy decision.

    2. Thanks for that clarification, I figured it had to be a financial reason why so many people chose South Dakota. Hopefully we will be able to do the same someday and it will be neat being able to choose the state where my mom was born and raised.

  4. Where'd all the leaves go that were on the trees when we were at Towers?

    You're going to love "living" in Sioux Falls like we "do". ;c)

  5. Establishing a residence is a very big day!

  6. Good luck today! Hope the license process is smooth and painless! :)

  7. Good luck! We are rooting for you! Hope the whole state residency process goes well. Let us know how it goes. We have two years until we estabish residency in South Dakota. You are so luck to do it now.