Thursday, October 11, 2012

Travel day to Missouri

Basswood Resort
Platte City, MO

We had a long travel day today.

George and I drove 350.5 miles in 6 hours 
to get to our spot at the 
just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

It seems like a nice campground.
We are in site #79,
a pull in with FHU for $99
for 4 nights. 

 On the drive south on I-29 we saw some nice colors..


We got settled in, took a quick walk
to the resort store,
and brought back a pizza and some beer :-)
It was nice to be able to sit outside
for a change!

Tomorrow we will see what there
is to see around Kansas City..


  1. I am envious of the pizza and beer. We had homemade chicken vegetable soup. Tasted good, but I would rather have pizza!!


  2. I'm jealous! Sure hope this house sells soon so we can follow in your footsteps!! :)

  3. Nice to see you relaxing and enjoying the day.

  4. Looks like you found warm weather. Can't wait till we head south on Monday.

  5. One of the many perks of having your home on wheels. Just keep driving until you like the temps.

  6. Ah, young love. And pizza and beer, too! What a great life you're living. :c)