Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sutton General Store

Made in the Shade Campground
Granville, TN

Yesterday was one of 'those' days.
I got the wash done,
we took a walk,
then it hit me.

We have no cell service here,
Campground wifi works well,
so I can at least keep in touch
with family & friends that way,
but I think I felt isolated or something..

So George and I went for a ride
and found a nail place to get
a pedicure.
I left smiling :-)

Today we hiked a little trail
that wound down to the Cumberland River..

Then we rode our bikes into Granville..

There was a great little park,
with a swing, where we enjoyed the view.

Tonight was the best, though.
Granville has a place called
the TB Sutton General Store.
On Saturday nights, 
they have dinner,
and bluegrass music
that is recorded for a live
radio show.

It was fantastic!

Tomorrow we are driving a scenic loop
from Granville to Gainesboro,
and take a picnic lunch to
 Roaring River Recreation area.
Hoping to do some hiking there!


  1. Sitting on that swing just looking at the lake looks so relaxing. I bet that was some lively music. I like the looks of that old radio.

  2. Sounds like you are having a grand time. I have gotten so use to being out of cell service I've forgotten to take my phone with me twice when I've gone to town. Its amazing how dependent we become on them. My internet is sketchy too but trying to check in on you from time to time. Continue to enjoy your new freedom!

  3. What lovely days you guys are having! Enjoy!

  4. That was a really nice day!! We love that area!! See you soon!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails.....

  5. Feeling your pain IRT cell servic(X 2 months :( . We also don't have Sat TV because of dense tree coverage. I may be able to get conventional TV on bedroom TV but I can't remember how to connect for signal. I must have not been listening during our brief from the winegard tra'ler tech, most likely I have just forgotten.

    Looked like a great night out

  6. There's some really neat waterfalls not too far from you, Burgess Falls State Park. If it was closer to us I'd head there myself!

  7. How well we have learned there are times when we are not get cell coverage. We do now and WIFI. However it has been over a month without DirecTV reception. Still gotta pay that monthly bill though.

  8. Sounds like a great area you are in. Dinner and Blue Grass, I'm all over it. What a fun time that looks like.

    I congratulate you on finding the perfect way to avoid calls from the office!! Our trouble is always too weak data signal. The phone usually works and both are Verizon. What's up with that I wonder.

  9. That swing overlooking the water sure looks inviting!

  10. Looks like a good place!! I have to look on the map & see exactly where you are.

  11. That swing looked so nice, you really enjoyed it. Was there room enough in the trailer for it? ;c)

  12. Do you ant to pinch yourself to see if it is for real? Love to travel along.

  13. That is do you "WANT" to pinch yourself... I have to start proof reading before I hit that Publish button!

  14. Let's cell phone, a pedicure, hike, bike ride and the General Store with Blue Grass music. You must be RETIRED! Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves