Saturday, October 13, 2012

Small world stuff

Basswood Resort
Platte City, MO

Today was lazy day time.
I needed to get the wash done,
change the sheets,
that sorta stuff.

It also was the first day of
bad weather since we started.
There were nice thunderstorms,
torrential downpours,
and anxious moments of
watching the local news
for weather updates.

In the meantime,
we had seen that
one of our friends from PA
was in the area doing some
training for her job.

We messaged back and forth
on Facebook, then text messaged
each other, and figured out
a good spot to meet to
grab an early dinner.

I used Yelp to find a local
and it was good!
They had homemade 
macaroni & cheese dishes..

It was so nice to see Debbie!

Tomorrow George and I plan on doing some
more sightseeing in the Kansas City area.


  1. Always nice to connect with friends...glad you had fun!

  2. Aren't those small world moments fun? Nice you could meet up with your friend.

  3. Better watch out, the food police will catch you ... Mac and cheese? Just kidding. But also encouraging you to make part of your sight seeing a nice long walk.

  4. Very cool to find a friend in the same area. Definitely is a small world. :) That homemade mac and cheese sounds delicious!

  5. Welcome to Missouri and Missouri weather!

  6. Nice to be able to visit with your friend. Hopefully your time together was not interrupted by any "work" phone calls!

  7. Love those coincidences! Bet your friend found your new life very interesting.