Thursday, October 4, 2012

Satellite TV

Camping World
Madison, WI

Geez, what a couple of crazy days!

Last night we slept in front of 
a service bay at the Camping World.
We had a 9 am appointment to get
our satellite dish from Winegard
and get hooked up to Direct TV.

We made sure that we were up 
and ready for them by 7 am.
(One of these days I'll really get to sleep in!)

We got all signed up,
was told it would be an 'all day' thing (really??)..
and for us to go away.
Well, not go away, but go somewhere 
and shop, or something, but 
don't bug them :-)

George and I took that cue,
and programmed Walmart
into our GPS.
What self-respecting RVr 
doesn't hit WM every day? 

We found it, only bought 1 thing!
But, wait..
there was a Kohl's right across 
the street!!

Now, that's MY store :-)

Since it was almost lunchtime at
that point, we punched in restaurants
in our GPS.
I've heard the name 'Culvers' 
bantered about by several bloggers,
so we just had to try it.

It lived up to its advertising.

We came back after stuffing ourselves..
just in time to find out that
President Obama was
flying in to the Madison airport
which happened to be right next
to Camping World..
how convenient..

We just missed the highway being
shut down for the motorcade.
We saw the Blackhawks

and then here it came..

No matter your political leanings,
seeing that plane is a pretty
amazing sight! our satellite dish..

Our 9 am appointment didn't get
started until about 3 pm.
(George thinks the employees
were too busy watching the Pres)

It finally all got activated by about 7 pm.
Oh well, we had planned on spending
two nights asphalt camping at
Camping World.

Tomorrow, thank GOD,
we will be in Welcome, MN,
at a real campground, for
3 days, relaxing,
and realizing we're retired!!


  1. I got to ride in a couple of Presidential motorcades back in the day and it's the only way to travel!

    I've also been stuck in traffic more times than I can count waiting for a Presidential motorcade to pass by. Ask me why I don't miss the Washington DC area. ;c)

  2. Glad you finally got your satellite dish and Direct TV set up! That must have been pretty cool seeing Air Force One. Culver's is really good eatin'! Sounds like a you had quite a day. Now on to MN and a real campground. :)

  3. Yum...Culver's. Wish I could eat solid food already!

  4. Yay!! Glad you got your satellite dish installed - good thing you didn't have a 3 pm appointment!

    You are going to love being able to hang out and relax in a campground for a few days. :)

  5. We stayed in Welcome a month or so ago! And discovered Culver's recently too! Enjoy your satellite!

  6. Neil was part of a road block with his heavy equipment at Lancaster Airport when Pres. George Bush flew in! Have a great day...enjoy your time at the CG!

  7. Enjoy having hookups! And stay away from all that snow up in MN!

  8. Enjoy your new statellite dish

  9. Yes you really do need a.campground! The dish will be a nice feature to have on those quiet evenings. Safe travels.

  10. Culvers is the first place our daughter goes when she come up from NC. Love their custard.

  11. Not many RVers can boast of seeing a fly over by Air Force 1, and have a photo to boot. Well Done.