Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New friends

Dam West Rec Area
Carlyle Lake, IL

We enjoyed our day today.
The temperature was nice,
but the wind made it too
difficult to take the
Sea Eagle out on the lake.

we took the bikes out,
and pedaled around the 
campground a bit.

There are some great bike trails
in and around the town of Carlyle.

Yesterday when we
pulled in and got set up, 
our neighbors came over
and introduced themselves.

Jim & Pat are RVrs,
and live within an hour of the lake..
lucky them!

We had the pleasure of
sitting at their campsite and
talking to them off and on today.

Tonight, they had some friends
coming by for dinner, and
invited us as well.

Jim made chicken soup, 
over the fire even!
We made shish kabobs,
and their friends brought dessert.

It was a lovely day, 
and a nicer evening.

Terrific people!


  1. I was pretty sure you'd love the COE parks. What's not to like? Even the neighbors are great :)

  2. What a gorgeous site! For sure - what's not to like!!

  3. We're thinking of going to COE park by Nashville next week. Hope it is as nice as that one.

  4. Some of the nicest people we've ever met are RVers. Many have become special friends to us, you fall into that group. Even though we may not see you in person as much as we'd like, it is so nice to visit via our blogs. :c)

  5. Can just tell how happy the two of you are! Life is good!

  6. Meeting people and making new friends is what I miss with our being static. Yes, I enjoy our life together - just us - but I also miss being with others, sharing stories and making memories. Enjoy!

  7. Sure happy you are enjoying our state O:) That lake is home to many sailboats...wondered if any were out there passing by...wonderful that you got to share some good times with the neighbors...I'd love to be out biking those trails.

  8. The best part of this lifestyle is meeting and making new friends.

  9. You and George are becoming real pros at this RV stuff.

  10. Gotta love both Rvers AND COE parks. What a combo!

  11. Beautiful place and nice people... Life is Good!!

  12. We have met so many nice people while camping. HOpefully some day we will get to really meet both of you. You seem to be such nice people and I am enjoying the ride along your travels.