Monday, October 22, 2012


Made in the Shade Campground
Granville, TN

Today, George and I celebrated
our first anniversary!
One year ago we were married
in Salinas, CA, 
and 3 weeks ago today 
we started our journey together.

We decided to go to Nashville
 for a nice day trip.
It's only about 60 miles 
away from Granville.

We started out at the visitor's center..

..where George decided to ham it up..

We walked around checking
out all the buildings..

The Ryman Auditorium

The Country Music Hall of Fame

There are a lot of places that
offer free music..

This guy played all kinds of
'road' songs for us
after he found out
we are full-time RVrs :-)

We decided to save our money
for a nice BBQ lunch,
instead of paying for all
the admissions to the museums.
Saving that for next time we're in TN..

We definitely will be back..



  1. Happy Anniversary, many more happy and healthy years!

  2. Happy Anniversary- it is just crazy that we haven't met up. We plan on doing Nashville at the end of the week. Nice work on the guitar George Buck Owens Jones :)

  3. Happy anniversary and many, many more!

  4. Happy Anniversary, what better way to celebrate than enjoying the freedom of the road! :c)

  5. Happy anniversary!! Was George serenading you with that guitar? :-)

  6. Happy First Anniversary! You are smiling as much today as you were a year ago - that's a good sign. Nashville sounds like a perfect place to celebrate! :)

  7. Congrats! Kinda looked like George Straight with the guitar. Was it?

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like you had a great day! :) I can't believe it's been a year - certainly was an exciting one - but I think year two will be even more so.

  9. Happy Annicersary!! Your Anniversary Cake looks like Tastycakes Chocolate Cupcakes...where did you find Tastycakes in Nashville!?!?!?

  10. nice photo of the batman bldg.


  11. Happy a year all ready seems like only yesterday we were looking at your wedding pictures....we loved Nashville and got to go to the Oprey at the Ryeman....enjoy..and may you have many many more blessed years together

  12. Happy happy anniversary. May you have many more in good health and happiness.

  13. Happy Anniversary Laurie and George! I met you this time last year! A great memory. Glad to see you are healthy and happy! We're in Petaluma, California now. John is working on a casino construction project.

    May I share with you what's been keeping me from reading and commenting on blogs lately?

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  14. Happy Anniversary! I bet you had a wonderful time. Beautiful places and foods. And your photos are great too.

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