Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moving on to TN

Made in the Shade Campground
Granville, TN

Yesterday morning, 
while still at the COE in
Carlyle, IL,
we woke up to a beautiful sunrise..

Unfortunately, the rest of the day
wasn't so beautiful!
It was very windy, and then
the clouds rolled in.
We were pretty much RV-bound
all day, as the rain started,
and the winds kept up.
It was a nice lazy day :-)

Today we packed up,
hitched up,
and got on our way
to our next stop.

We got on our way by 10 am,
and rolled through southern Illinois,
into a little bit of Kentucky,
and finally into..

Of course we stopped at
our favorite watering hole..

Now we are settled in for a week
at a little campground
in Granville, TN,

We are anxious to explore the small
town of Granville.
It is right on the Cumberland river,
in north central Tennessee.

Lots of Civil War history here too!


  1. Be careful at those Civil War sites, they aren't to fond of us D*** Yankees...

  2. Laurie and George...I am about 15 miles from you!!! My number is 615-418-5229. Would love to meet you...give me a call or an or

  3. And you really should stay at Defeated Creek COE!!!

  4. Ha! I see Lisa has found you :) I AM going to stay at Defeated Creek one of these days. It appears to be an awesome COE!

    Looks like you're doing just fine though. Have fun!

  5. That has always my goal in life, to have it "Made in the Shade". Seems like we have.

  6. What a nice campground. Stay Warm :)

  7. Have a great time exploring. I keep telling Ray to pinch me. Can't believe we're fulltiming.

  8. Bye to TN! Happy travels...

  9. Nice sunrise pics. What yall doin gettin up that early?

  10. Gorgeous sunrise. And isn't it great to enjoy a cozy rainy day without worrying that you aren't "getting anything "done"! :-))

  11. We are on our way home, but had to stop in Tennessee and see the Great Smoky Mountain NP. The colors are gorgeous; hope they are as beautiful where you are. I am enjoying reading about your travels!