Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keystone tour

Elkhart, IN

Had an uneventful night sleeping 
at the Flying J.

Today it was on to Elkart, IN.
Our first order of business
was to take a tour of the Keystone plant,
in Goshen, where they manufacture all
of the Keystone line of products,
especially the Montana.

We had an interesting ride through
the countryside, and trusted that
the GPS knew where it was taking us.

It reminded us of Lancaster, PA, 
as there were quite a few Amish
buggies that we had to watch out for.

We found the plant with no problem.
We were pleasantly surprised
that despite what we were told, 
we did get to watch some of the
stages of assembly, there
were workers still there.

We were happy to see that our
Montana is very well constructed.

After the tour, we headed over
to our stop for the night, 
a K-Mart in Elkhart.
We have been following the blog of
Jeanne & Eldy who are staying in Elkhart
for a month or so. Since we are
staying overnight here, we decided to meet them!
They suggested the K-Mart as it
has a bigger parking lot.

They were gracious enough to
pick us up there,
and we headed to Olive Garden.

We had a terrific meal, good laughs, 
and hope to meet again when
we have more time to spend
in a campground!

Tomorrow we have an appointment
to have our trailer tires swapped out
for new 'G' rated ones.
Want to be safer on the road!


  1. Your new fulltimer live is fitting you like a glove! How cool to be able to visit the factory where your Montana was born. It gives you great confidence that you picked a great, well made RV. :c)

  2. Good picture of the 4 of you. Bet you had a great time! Tires are probably the full timers very best friend. Very wise of you to get the best you can. That's one of the first things we did too was to get new shoes for Winnona.

  3. So glad you are getting those G rated tires. We switched over to them just two weeks ago. That after having numberous blowouts! Keystone might make a quality product but they put on cheap tires.

  4. Seeing how the rig is made and having dinner with fellow Priceless:)

  5. Your first 2 days seem to be a huge success!

  6. Sounds like you two are off to a great start!! Tires are the weakest link...you want the best you can get:o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails......

  7. Glad that everything is going so well! :) Thanks for posting - I was watching for your latest update!!

  8. Welcome to the world of fulltime rv'ing, an amazing lifestyle with so much to see and do and so many people to meet along the way. Enjoy your travels and be safe out there, upgrading your tires is a great start.

  9. Your two are really starting to look like "Happy Campers!

  10. Which g-rated tires are you getting?

  11. Hi, thought we might try to catch you up in Wi. but not this time. Just a thought if you got time to kill waiting at camping world Devils Lake State Park is 40 mi. away and one of our favs.
    Happy Campin.

  12. Had a great time! Wonderful to have met you...we'll be hoping to see you again down the road. Safe travels....