Sunday, October 14, 2012

Independence, MO

Basswood Resort
Platte City, MO

Last night we had lots of rain
and lightening, and a bit of hail.
Nothing bad, we were happy about that!

Today we decided to find out
what was in Independence, MO.

As luck would have it, 
we found a park named

George didn't know he owned a park!
Of course, his (our) last name is OWEN :-)

It was a beautiful park,
with some nice hiking trails.
The colors were spectacular..

We really enjoyed the fresh air,
and the walk did us good!

I finally got to see some turtles!

Next we went to see everything
about Truman..
as in Harry S.

His home..

The park ranger,
Norton Canfield, 
who took us through the house..

We had the traditional picture taken..

Walked around the historic square..

and finally had a frozen yogurt..

It was a great day of exploring!

We are ready to move on..
tomorrow we will be camping 
in a new spot..
Carlyle Lake, IL
our first COE park!


  1. I hope your camping experience with the COE is as good as ours was at Airport Park in Waco, Texas.

    Nice to hear about your escapades today.


  2. I love your blog and enjoy reading about your travels. Glad to see the gnome is enjoying and behaving himself.


  3. Love you Harry and Bess pose! That's a keeper. The big biography of Truman by David McCullough is definitely worth the time.

  4. That nature park looks like a great place for an afternoon walk. :) Safe travels today!

  5. Hope you like the COE park, we love them! Looks like the gnome is having fun too! :-)

  6. Hope the coe park lives up to your expectations. They are our very favorite!

  7. Wow, George owns a park! That's cool, so I guess he gets in free.

    Now did he charge Harry admission when he came to visit?

  8. There are a couple of nice COE campgrounds around Macon, MO. If I remember it is Thomas Hill Reservoir. This late, they may have turned the water off. And a nice campground at Hannibal too.

    Please be careful on the road.