Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I need a campground!

Camping World
Madison, WI

Nothing like a shower in
a K-Mart parking lot :-)

That's how our morning started.

We headed from there a couple
miles away to

We wanted to change the tires
on Harvey to better ones,
so we got
Goodyear G614s.
Masten's even gave us $50/tire credit,
which helped take the sting out of the bill.

George like this part:

"Made in USA"

While they were changing the tires,
we walked next door and had
a delicious pancake breakfast
at Granma's.

The guy's at Mastens had our
new shoes on within 2 hours,
and we were on our way.

In keeping with our mission
of heading to South Dakota,
5 hours at a time..
we headed to Madison, WI.

The GPS routed us up 90,
which skirts Chicago.
It was raining and foggy,
and there was lots of traffic..

Mr Gnome was upset that
we didn't stop in Chicago..

So now we are at a Camping World
in DeForest, WI.
They will install our satellite dish,
so that we can finally have a
variety of TV to keep us entertained.
We are backed up to a bay,
and will wake up bright
and early to get started.

We can't wait to finally
stay in a campground!


  1. Ahh, the fine tuning of your new abode. It is lots of fun, too bad it also costs lots of money.

    It will pay off big time in your enjoyment and peace of mind. :c)

    The campgrounds will come soon...promise!

  2. We have been taking the repairs and upgrades a little at a time and mixing in camping along with service. Of course there are months at home as well. Three months till the next big one. I just hope we can get a little exercise run in before that.

  3. I'm glad you changed those tires. Our camper has Chinese tires on it but since we are no traveling we have left them. Once we start to move that baby, those tires will be off in a heartbeat and replaced with GOOD USA tires.

  4. Having lived 2 hours away, always avoid Chicago. Glad you upgraded the tires,they will be worth the investment. The dish will come in handy when you are at a campground too far away to get regular tv signals. Besides,campgrounds are overrated, How else could you be so close to Grandmas Pancake House ;)

  5. We do as you are doing when just traveling. But it sure does feel good when we finally hook up for a few days and settle. However, that hitch-itch disease does not take long to rear it's head.

  6. Thanks for the tip about Chicago:) Glad you got new tires they look great.

  7. Enjoy your trip through WI. You'll love the area around the Mississippi. Hopefully we'll cross paths down the road.