Friday, October 12, 2012

Free things to do

Basswood Resort
Platte City, MO

We're learning as we go.
As we're on a budget (isn't everyone?!),
I used the power of Google to
find free things to do in the area.

One cool thing is the

George has always wanted a Harley,
and in fact, we rented one a few
years back when we were visiting 
his brother in Houston.

The tour was pretty neat,
the plant was down for maintenance
you couldn't take any pictures inside.
So, not a lot to share :-)

We also found a nice place
in Kansas City,
called the City Market.

It's another great thing to do,
there are lots of produce stands

interesting markets

and a great Mediterranean market..

George was like a kid in a candy store..
all those spices!!

I still continue to get calls from work..

We picked up a few things
to bring back for a late lunch/early dinner.

George and I decided to 
take a walk around the 
campground again..
the colors are so nice here.

Now we're settled in for the evening.
We skyped with George's daughter, Heather,
I just love that program!

It's raining out, and some storms
are scheduled for tomorrow,
so we will no doubt hunker down
and do wash and watch a movie.


  1. Sounds like you are getting used to the life pretty quickly.

  2. Watch those storms...looks like they're going to pass by here on Sunday. Hoping for the best!

  3. Oooh. I so love markets with fresh produce, spices, gelato. Looks wonderful. I'm already scoping out markets on our trip to Australia. We will have a time share with kitchen and want to eat healthy (most of the time), pack picnic lunches and enjoy the local food.

    Thanks for sharing the fun, free things to do.


  4. Free is the best:o)) Also, local and state parks can provide cheap and beautiful places to visit!!

    Safe travels and happy trails...

  5. That market looks like a nice place to visit. Enjoy your low-key day today. :)

  6. It looks like you might be in for some bad weather. Be careful!

  7. Looks like you've settled into this lifestyle quickly :) And, I agree. Free is best!
    Safe travels!

  8. I miss Kansas City, Max and I were born and raised there. If you like BBQ food go to Jack Stack or Bryants for fast food style BBQ find the closest Gates. Oh, and if you make it, see if they ship to Texas!

  9. Free is good, in fact it is my favorite four letter word.

    Sorry you are getting work calls, that was the norm for Marti, too. She still gets calls every once in a while, but it has slacked off. Hang in there!

  10. Sure beats being at the office. Hope the Resort has a hot tub for you to relax in after your hard day! :-))

  11. Looks like you and George are having a great time!