Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finally sightseeing!

Tower Campground
Sioux Falls, SD

Before I tell you about our day..
George wanted me to mention something.
When we went to the Hershey RV show
back in September, we got an odd call
on our way out of the park.

Apparently George dropped the case
that holds our RV business cards
out of his pocket.
Someone found it, and offered to
mail it to us (at our SD address).
We didn't have any faith, but..
there it was in our batch of mail!

There are very cool people in this world :-)

So today..
we got to go sightseeing..
and there were NO hardware stores involved!!
Mr Gnome is soooo happy!

We drove the 71 miles west
to Mitchell, SD
to see the famous 
Corn Palace!

It was a little 'corny'..
but it is pretty cool.

We must have picked a good day,
as they were starting to take
down the old murals,
to begin working on the next design.

A nice couple took our picture
in front of Mr Ear of Corn :-)

When asked where we were from,
we stumbled a bit before
saying that we were full time RVrs.
'Oh! My brother is too,
and he's workamping in San Jose, CA,
for the winter.'
So we told them that we are too,
so he told us which kind of coach
his brother has, and to look for him.
Ya think we might run into him? :-)

We decided to grab a bite
at a local cafe,
Cafe Teresa..

We both had paninis 
and they were great!

We took a walk around
the historic downtown district,
and saw this place:

Of course we picked up a few
things here :-)

Mr Gnome was so happy
to see something different!

Tomorrow we are finally 
heading south to find
warmer temps.

We will be staying at
in Platte City, MO
and taking advantage of 
their $99 for 4 night special.

Can't wait!


  1. Hey, the full-timing world can be a small one. I've met couples, co-workampers for several seasons different places across the country, who ended up (without prior plans) at the same campground. Ya never know, you might meet them somewhere! Glad you and Mr. Gnome had a fun day!

  2. I am not sure what it is about the Corn Palace, but we have been there several times. Once they were working on putting up the outside design, that was very interesting.

  3. Thanks for sharing :) Mr Gnome is awesome!

  4. Glad to see you having fun. Four nights for $99 is pretty good if it is a nice place. Hope they ave a heated pool.

  5. Congratulations for getting on the move. Enjoy your journey.

  6. If you happen to come through Kentucky anywhere near us on your way to the Carolina Clan meeting, give us a shout, we love to see folks!!

  7. A day without hardware stores in it sounds like it has lots of possibilities. :) I know I have been enjoying the fact that we don't have to run over to Home Depot all the time anymore.

    Safe travels today! Love the sound of warmer weather! :)

  8. No trip to South Dakota is complete without a visit to the Corn Palace. :-)

  9. SOme people pan the Corn Palace as a tourist trap. Well, they've trapped me three times (so far) and I'm sure I'll be back again. It's a piece of Americana.

    Glad Mr. Gnome approved! ;c)

  10. The Corn Palace and Wall Drug are two very interesting and unique "tourist traps" that South Dakota's got going on. . .glad you enjoyed it. . .we liked it too!