Sunday, October 7, 2012

Exploring - sorta

Checkers Campground
Welcome, MN

After last night's record low temp of 23,
today actually turned out to be
nice and sunny and in the 50's.

I got the wash finished,
by using the water in our
 fresh water tank,
as the owner of the campground
shut off the main water
because of the freezing temps.

While I was finishing that, 
George washed the windows.

since it was nice out..
we decided to go

But first..
there's always need
to stop at a hardware store..

Since we're in Minnesota, 
the land of 10,000 lakes,
we knew we could find one.
A lake..

Some of the colors are pretty nice,
but a lot of leaves are already on the ground.

There was no way to walk around the lake,
but we still got a nice view.

On the way back to the campground,
we stopped at WalMart to grocery shop.

Then I took some pictures of 
the campground..

We are pretty much the only ones here.
There are a few permanent RVs around.

We like the quiet!

Tomorrow we'll be heading on to
Sioux Falls, SD to get our
drivers licenses, and spend
a few days exploring that area.


  1. We spent a few days in MN during the "high" season and really would like to go back. It's a gorgeous state at the right time of the year :)

  2. Looks like everyone is getting into the cleaning routine, always nice to get things ship shape!

  3. Have fun in Sioux Falls, I am sure you can find hardware stores there to explore. LOL


  4. You'll like all the Billion(s) of car dealers in Sioux Falls. What do we mean? You'll find out! :c)

  5. Hope the driver's license process goes really smoothly in SD! Looks lovely where you are...30 degrees last night here in Elkhart!

  6. Safe travels to South Dakota! :) Hopefully you will have pleasant weather for exploring.

  7. We lived in Hibbing MN (The Iron Range) during 2005-2007. Really was nice up there, even during Winter. It's almost an entirely different world, at least where we were. My aunt used to say Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and 1 fish! Enjoy!

  8. Learn all about South Dakota, so you can help us in a year or two?

  9. We hit the 30's last night in Ohio too. I guess we are all experiencing cold weather right now. HOpefully it warms up soon. HAve fun in SD. We loved it there

  10. Palisades State Park northeast of Sioux Falls is a nice get away from all the traffic. Have fun exploring. It got below freezing here. Heading towards KY beginning of next week.

  11. We really enjoyed Sioux Falls. Especially liked the Old Courthouse Museum (free!) and the Sculpture Walk downtown.

  12. The land of 10000 lakes and pictures of just 1.....

    lol, hope your havin fun..