Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Driver's license day

Tower Campground
Sioux Falls, SD

Today was the day
 we have been waiting for..
to finish the last step
to become full-timers!

After a sleepless night...
...we feel like we are sleeping
in the median of a freeway..
..we took a ride to meet
our landlords..

While we were there, we
picked up our mail,
and filled out a voter registration form.
Right next door is a driver's license
exam center.
It turned out to be a very easy process.
We took, and they accepted:
1) Passport
2) Current (Pennsylvania) license
3) Last year's W-2
4) Copy of our campground receipt
They looked over all that info,
gave us a form to fill out
while we waited for our numbers
to be called.
Once they call your number,
you take all of the above
to the window.
They dutifully go through
it all again, scan it into their computer,
you take a quick eye test,
get your picture taken,
and BAM,
they hand you your new driver's license  :-)

It wasn't very busy,
and they were very friendly..
..not like the typical DMV workers.

After that, we took a ride
over to the
Minnehaha County Administrative Building..

George has a handicap placard
that he needed to get,
and we wanted to register to vote.

Both were very easy to do,
and we got to cast our vote
as well..cool!

we can do some sightseeing!

Falls Park is the place to go..

It was a little bit windy & chilly..

..but we had to have ice cream!

There is a great little cafe
at the Falls..

off to the Corn Palace!


  1. Wow, that Falls Park is something else. I would enjoy seeing that. All that and ice cream too!!

  2. Thanks Laurie & George
    I'm so glad the process was so smooth. Thats a big relief!

  3. Isn't it amazing how nice and easy the SD license process is? Wish other states would learn from them!

    So you were chilly by the falls and you went and got ice cream to warm up??? Must be a hardy Pennsylvania thing. ;c)

  4. Falls Park is a pretty place. I had no idea that was in Sioux Falls. Of course, I've never been to Sioux Falls. Could explain it!

  5. Wow, that process seems very quick and easy. Thanks for explaining it so clearly - we will be bringing all those same items (well, the NY version) when we go to become SD residents.

    Glad you got to see something other than hardware stores. lol

  6. Isn't great how easy it is to get you license? Glad everything went well.

    Earlier in the year, there's much more water going over those falls.

    Jim and Linda

  7. Congratulations on getting through the final phase! Quick and easy. Now enjoy some fun time!

  8. Now you can move on to a quiet campground and do some exploring.
    When we were there we saw the laser light show at the falls. It was about the history of Sioux Falls.

  9. Just catching up on all your recent posts. CONGRATS on getting on the road!

  10. The South Dakota contingent is really growing!! Congratulations and enjoy this new adventure:o))