Sunday, October 21, 2012

Burgess Falls

Made in the Shade Campground
Granville, TN

Today the weather was perfect!
Not a cloud in the sky and 
high 70's for temps.

The owner of the campground
suggested a nice drive for us.
We started out heading north
towards Gainesboro.

The fall colors still take my 
breath away.

We ended up in Cookeville,
and at Burgess Falls State Park.

There were some park rangers there,
and they were giving lessons on the
different kinds of trees that 
are native to Tennessee.

We had packed a picnic lunch,
so before starting our hike,
we sat and ate a quick bite.

it was off on the hike.

The trail led slowly down
into the gorge,
where there are a series of 3

...and along the way..

A nice guy offered to take
our picture by the 2nd falls..

..then it started to get a
bit more strenuous..
as it climbed up the other ridge.

But it was worth the climb!

We talked to the most interesting gentleman, Jon,
taking pictures of the falls..
..he was giving us suggestions of things
to see in Nashville.

On the way back up to Granville,
we saw a sign for a place we just
had to stop in..

It had great wines,
with free tastings,
and not too bad on pricing!

It was the perfect end to the day!


  1. That is definitely a perfect end to the day :)

    Nice climb and beautiful view! You did need a treat when it was all over though :)

  2. Wow! Nice falls. The winery was a good bonus.

  3. It's easy to work up a thirst when you're hiking. ;-)

  4. So many people miss these opportunities by staying on the main roads all the time

  5. I agree with Speedy. I'd much rather be hiking on a trail seeing the beautiful scenery and waterfalls than flying along on a highway. Sounds like you had a great day.

  6. nice pics...glad you got to drink some free wine after all that walking and climbing :)....we love TN

  7. I am thinking we visited those falls last year (or was it the year before). Things are starting to get in a haze for me. Good thing I keep a blog to jar the memory.

    Now, what was I saying.....

  8. Looks like a wonderful day. I'm so envious of your hike. I love waterfalls. Wine not so much but I'm glad you enjoyed.