Friday, October 26, 2012

Blue Ridge Parkway and BINGO

Creekwood Farm RV Park
Maggie Valley, NC

Another beautiful day in 
North Carolina!

An update on the truck:
George took it to a Chevy dealer
in nearby Waynesville.
They changed the oil & fuel filter.. the tune of $234.00..
and determined that the problem
is a turbo-boost sensor and control valve.
The good news is it is covered under warranty.
The good/bad news is the part won't be 
here until Monday, so we've extended
our stay in Maggie Valley one more day.
Now we'll have a long day's drive
to Murrell's Inlet on Tuesday.
That's ok, though, because
SANDY can get her butt outta
the area by then :-)

So today we drove up to the
Oconaluftee Visitors Center

which is in the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park.
We dutifully got our passport stamped..
then wandered around the
Mountain Farm Museum.

It really was an interesting place!

Since we got a taste of the Smokies..
we wanted to get a taste of the 
Blue Ridge Parkway.

We plugged a destination in our GPS,
and took off for Mt. Pisgah...

...or so we thought :-)

It took us to the 'destination'
but there was no Mt. Pisgah there :-)

Oh well when we figured out our mistake, 
it was getting too late in the day to
turn around and go the right way.
We did, however,
get to be on a small portion
of the Blue Ridge..

We felt as if we were on top 
of the world up there.

When we got back to the campground..

we saw this sign..


We high-tailed it over there at 7:15.

The cool part?

I won 2 games, and George won 1.
For our $10 investment, 
we won $62!

Enough for breakfast tomorrow
at Joey's (and their famous pancakes)
and to see some bluegrass
at the

Very cool!


  1. Oh I LOVE bingo!! But I never win. Boo hoo. Congratulations you two! You live right under a rainbow.

  2. Congrats on your winnings! :)

    I think the delay in Maggie Valley is a blessing in disguise :) Stay high and dry as long as possible. I guess the next couple days will make things clearer for all of us. Stay safe!

  3. Absolutely love the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall. Lucky you with your Bingo winnings!

  4. Haven't played Bingo in years. Looks like it was fun, especially winning!

  5. Love the pictures! What a beautiful view. :)

    I would have fun dragging Harry to a BINGO game. He worked at one for years and now he doesn't like to hear even the idea of someday going to one. lol

  6. We love Maggie Valley. Awesome time to be there. There are worst places to be stuck.

  7. You're in one of my favorite parts of this country! I love it! Congrats on the bingo winnings!

  8. Sounds like you two are having a great time on the road. So happy for you!

  9. Hopefully Sandy is no where near your area. Ah, the mountains - gotta love them. The mountains in the east are so much prettier than those out west. (According to me, others would argue that point).

  10. The PArkway is one of our all time favorite drives:)

  11. One of my goals is to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway again. We were on a small portion years ago. Congrats on the Bingo win. I haven't played for years> It is offered here at Leisure Lake but we are usually not in the park on Sat evenings when it is held because we are the races cheering for our son.