Sunday, October 28, 2012

A bit of bluegrass y'all

Creekwood Farm RV Resort
Maggie Valley, NC

Yesterday we did as planned..
we started out with a good
breakfast at 

I had their special
sweet potato pancakes..
they were great!

We took a short drive around
to see what we could see..
and find where the Walmart is :-)

The rest of the day was spent
lounging around a bit.
The weather wasn't the best..
cool and windy.
We did get a walk in around
the campground,
and talked to a few campers.

After a healthy dinner of salad..(finally!)
we took off for the

It was pretty much the only
place that we could go to
hear some bluegrass.

The Opry House is the love
of Raymond Fairchild,
a '5 time world champion banjo picker'.

He's 73 years old,
and a pretty good picker!

(I apologize in advance for the
picture quality..cellphone :-(

We got a bonus..
the bluegrass band
Grass Backwards
was there to play also..

They were also pretty good..

At the end, Raymond brought up anyone
who had anything to do with
the bands..(hehe)
to sing
'Will the circle be unbroken'

It was worth the $12 apiece to
hear some local 'grass..
and lots of great y'alls :-)

Today we're gonna get that
Walmart shopping done..
and keep an eye on Sandy.

There are a couple weather watches..
a winter storm watch (ugh)
a high wind warning (ugh)
and a freeze warning (not too bad).

Not so much worried about
the winter storm watch, 
but high wind warnings.
There a lot of trees here 
in the park.

We'll keep you posted!


  1. Sounds like a great time and it also sounds like you need to head toward the southwest, no weather warnings here! Be safe.

  2. Live music is always fun to watch and hear, sounds like a good time!

    Be safe in that weather, I hope the winds aren't too bad where you are.

  3. Winds are never any fun. Hope this won't affect your travel plans to SC!

  4. Stay safe, safe travels, and looking forward to seeing you in SC soon!

  5. Keep an eye on those trees! You don't want a Bill and Nancy episode! :cO

  6. hi guys bob yeninas here im at tim and candidas just wanted to say hello and have fun and avoid sandy i follow your trip when i visit the vogan's bye bobboo

  7. Hey guys, come on down to Huntington tomorrow and get out of any storm warnings. There are plenty of open sites if your reserved one is not available.

  8. Stay safe and watch out for those trees! ;)

    Chris B.

  9. Sounds like a great local Blue Grass Time. There is LOTS of that in SW Virginia if you are ever travelin' that way. The Carter Family Fold is not to be missed for down home.