Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visit with friends

Since I have only two weeks of work
left to go..
I decided to take a day off :-)

We left yesterday morning to
head south to Hershey.

On the way we stopped at Perkins..
for their new Brioche breakfast..

..blueberry with lemon filling..
way off the charts!

We got to the Hershey area,
and checked into what might be
our last hotel stay for awhile!

Our intent is to go to the
Hershey RV show on Saturday.
While we're here we met up
with Nancy & Neil where
they are staying at
Hershey Thousand Trails.
They are full-timing we are :-)
Hopefully they will be able 
to set sail soon.

We had a lovely time sitting outside..

and talking and laughing..

Neil grilled burgers, and we then sat by the fire.

Today we are meeting them for breakfast,
then walking around the RV show for a bit.

I have more pictures..but I'm in the room
right now..and the camera is in the truck ;-(

More later tonight!


  1. Never had a brioche but after seeing that picture will definitely have to try one!

    Have fun at the RV show!

  2. I just know you're having a great time with Nancy and Neil! They are so nice. Enjoy the show. We try to stay away from them...don't want to find something we like better! :)

  3. Have fun at the show, can't wait to hear about it and see some pictures.

  4. Nancy reminds me of Aunt Judy.


  5. Have fun! Haven't been to an RV show in awhile, would love to get to one again.

  6. Hope you have great weather and find just the things you've been looking for (accessories, not a new fiver!).