Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things are

Thanks to some great neighbors..
we were able to dry Harvey out,
with the use of a huge air dryer.
I was afraid it would blow
his sides out!

So on to other stuff..

Everything at work is
getting taken care of.
I will remain president 
through the end of the year.
We will remain on the health insurance,
and get paid an hourly rate
to consult from the road,
and do some background
work for an hourly rate
based on my salary.
They may also fly me into
PA to help with any transition
as the company may be going
through a sale before I leave.

We are finally confirmed for our 
first workamping job!

We are going to work at
in California
beginning in January.
It is perfect for our first
stint at workamping..
no office work,
only some outside stuff..
escorting people to their sites,
guiding them in (it must be done!),
filling propane,
etc, etc.
I love it..
It's also perfect, as it is only 
30 miles from my parent's home.
It'll be nice to be close by them for at 
least 3 or 4 months.

I still haven't sold my Honda Fit.
It's been on the lot for a few months now.
I'm starting to get nervous as
our current insurance company GMAC
will not insure it if it's sitting on a
consignment lot. :-(
we stopped and talked to them 
today..(the car lot)..for suggestions.
He's decided to take it to auction tomorrow.
He (Joe) thinks it will do well there.
Although it may not get as much
at auction as a direct sale,
it will save us having to 
acquire short-term insurance
for the vehicle.
Wish us luck tomorrow!

Things are falling into place..


  1. Congrats on your job and good luck on the car! Wow! You're almost there.

  2. Wow -- things really are falling into place! Good luck with your car!

  3. Congrats! Won't be long and you'll be pulling out of the driveway.

  4. The end is near! Sounds like a great workkamping job, too. Hope the Fit goes quickly at auction. That is a good idea.

  5. That place looks awesome!! And so close to your parents, that will be wonderful. :) You are just about down to TWO WEEKS!!!!

    Hope your car sells at the auction. If not, do the dealerships around there buy used cars to sell? They do around here.

  6. So glad to read you got 'dried out'... can congrats on the work assignment .. awesome that it is close to loved ones. Best wishes on the auction as well! Yes! Things do seem to 'fall into place' ...

    God Bless

  7. I bet you guys are getting really excited about heading west. We will be on the lookout for you and hopefully our paths will cross. Good luck at the auction.

  8. Congrats! So happy for you!! Coyote Valley Resort looks great!

  9. Good luck with your first Workamping job. I can't wait to start this journey with you.

  10. Sounds like it is all falling into place. I did a remote consult job for one year for a company and I like to think it was a win/win.

  11. We'll have to meet up in California. So glad all is coming together. I'm sure you are anxious to hit the road. You have a long trip ahead of you to California. So many places to see in between. :)

  12. Now that is very cool - you retire and still get to be President. Pretty fine!

    You really are just a breath away from a great new life. Well done putting it all together. Can't wait to follow along.

  13. The auctioning of the car is probably the best way to go. Addtional insurance premiums would eat up the addition profit.

    Now why didn't I think of getting paid for consulting after I left my last position? Three years later I STILL get the occasion phone call!

    Congrats on the job.

  14. Oh wow, I just checked out the park where you will be working. Don't expect to see us there! My, my, very elite. I do hope after you get done working there you will still remember us poor RVers who occasionally overnight at WalMart!

    Again, congrats!

  15. Congrats! Looks like a great workamper situation.

  16. Congrats! Looks like a great workamper situation.