Saturday, September 22, 2012

Starting the goodbyes

We're in the single digits now!

Doing a lot of 'this is the last time we will...' things.


I had a plant-wide meeting
to announce my departure.
My management staff knew,
but we kept it under wraps
from all the employees for awhile.
It went really well..
and I only cried a little :-)
Their only questions were..
'you're going to live in an RV!!??'


My car finally sold!

I didn't get what I wanted for it,
but I made a few bucks,
and paid it off.
We didn't want to have an
extra vehicle to pay for on the road.
We know a lot of RVrs who do
have that extra vehicle,
and it could come in handy,
but we'll be on a pretty tight budget.

Friday night

I had my last hair appointment.
Got it all done...cut/color/hilights..
I got it cut short :-)

After that..
I met for the last time (for awhile!)
my good friend, Karen..

We had a nice dinner, and I stopped
by her house to say 'bye' to her
husband Bob. 
They've been such good friends
for many years, helping me
when I lived alone,
watching my cat Milo
when I would go on vacation,
and helping us pack up and move when I left
my house in Hazleton.

Please keep them in your prayers..
Bob has cancer and is not doing well :-(

Tonight we are getting together
with George's son, daughter, 
spouses, and grandkids,
for pizza.

Another 'goodbye'...


  1. It is hard to say goodbye to people that have been so important to you over the years. But there are all kinds of new people you'll be meeting that will become very special to you now that you are traveling. You'll be meeting them over and over at various places on the road.

    We are so excited to see your dream coming true!!! :c)

  2. Congrats, GOD BLESS and safe travels to you and those you meet along the way.

  3. Glad you were able to get your Honda sold. Sounds like somebody made a "good-BUY" for it. Did you say "goodbye" to your car? :)

  4. Wow. Your dream to fulltime RV is materializing quickly now. I know the transition you are going through! What a world it is out here in the fulltime sphere! We're in Petaluma (CA) now. John started a job last week that will last for months if all goes well. Don't know exactly when or if we'll get to Monterey area. Depends on the job. I have had to learn to flow with our freedom. You'd think it was easy!?

  5. We are so happy for you! Looking forward to seeing you both at the Carolina Reunion......

    Bruce and Laura

  6. Goodbyes are always so hard, I find until we meet again to be much easier. We are excited to hear about your new adventures!

  7. SINGLE DIGITS!!!! Woot woot! I'm the same way- I don't like goodbyes- I like See you soon. ;) This is going to be such an exciting week for you guys.

  8. I too find Until I see you again. And you will see these folks again. This has been your home for such a long time that I can almost guarantee you will return with wonderful tales to tell.

    I am so sorry for your friends Karen and Bob. We know well what they are going through and will keep them in our thoughts. I hope he has a cancer from which he can rally. There are so many kinds and some have better outcomes than others.

  9. Single digits is very exciting! Only one more work week! Never say goodbye, just say "see ya next time!"

  10. Goodbyes are hard. We said them last March and can't wait to see everyone in Dec. Rving life has been fun. Met some wonderful people that we've had to say goodbye to but will see again down the road. Congratulations and enjoy the life.

  11. Len and I were just talking about you two earlier today and how close it is to take off date. It's been fun watching the count down. Will be even more fun watching the traveling duo.

  12. Goodbyes are always the hardest. The clock seems to be moving real fast for ya'l now. Only another week.

  13. Dad and I didn't recognize you with the new haircut!!!


  14. We are excited for you two!!! See you in about a month!! This is your sure to enjoy the journey:o)))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  15. So happy for you...anxious to follow your journey to South Dakota!

  16. Won't be long and you'll be pulling out of that driveway. You must be excited.
    A lot of last times for us. My last hair cut is on Thur.