Saturday, September 8, 2012

One year ago - 3 weeks to go..

One year ago today our
house in Plains, PA was
flooded by Tropical Storm Lee.

A year later, this is what
our neighborhood looks like:

On our street there is only 3 families..
soon to be two :-)

We're down to the last few weekends
to get things ready.

Today we cleaned, 
did wash,
and got a few things organized.
George got the water hose 
that we've been using for one year
all cleaned up and the heat tape
taken off it.
He's been working on getting the 
basement cleaned up and organized.
There are things stowed on the 
back seat of the truck now.

Next weekend we've decided
to take a trip down to the 
Hershey RV Show.
We will stay in a Holiday Inn,
the same one we stayed in last year!
We will be meeting up with
our other RV friends
while we are down there.

After that, there will only be 
two more weekends to get ready!

It's finally happening..


  1. Soon you will be on the road with nothing to do but enjoy the scenery. How fun will that be?


  2. Have fun at the Hershey show! You might even see something there you can't live without :)

  3. Woohoo, this is getting exciting!

  4. Be careful at the RV show, the latest and greatest will be trying to hook you!

    Hope you can sleep over the next two weeks with all the excitment you are feeling. :c)

  5. Wow!! 22 DAYS!! You know how fast three weeks will go, don't you? I know exactly how you are sleeping (or not), at this point sleeping until 5:30 am would be a very welcome change. But even so, I wouldn't change all the exciting things going on!!

  6. Oh boy, I can hear and feel your excitement. You've worked a long time for this so enjoy every second of anticipation.

  7. Only three weeks!! We're so excited for you!!

  8. Sounds like your DREAMS are coming true!! Enjoy the Journey!!

  9. So happy for you...we are so anxious to see you this coming weekend. I will call you in a day so so. Friday night sounds good, and yes, we can go to the show on saturday as well. See you soon!

  10. Wow, the time is really passing quickly, I am so excited for you. Have fun at the RV show, we haven't been to one in awhile but i always like looking. The open road is soon to be outside your passing window.....

  11. Thanks for letting us share in your excitement. Not long now.