Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hershey RV Show 2012

I already posted about last night,
but I didn't have my camera handy 
to post pictures.. here are a few..
we had a great time!

Today we met Nancy & Neil for
breakfast at a cute little place
called 'The Filling Station'.
We all had a great breakfast,
and then headed off to the RV show.

It was packed!

We looked at some newer 5th wheels,
and even a couple high-end motorhomes.

We still like ours best :-)

George and I played a game,
where we collected 11 buttons
from different spots at the show.
Then we got to spin a prize wheel..
we both won a year's membership
to Good Sam's Club.
Since we are already members,
it extended our membership to 2015!
Best prize on the wheel!

We did make one purchase:

We think it will look good outside Harvey :-)


  1. Love the sign! That is my absolute favorite footwear :)

  2. Perfect sign to introduce yourselves to passers by.


  3. Neil and I had an absolutely fabulous time with you guys... Can't wait till the fun continues at the Carolina Clan!!

  4. I'm gonna' have to start hanging around you guys more, maybe some of your luck will rub off on me! ;c)

  5. Sure glad I didn't go to the show on the week-end. That's an amazingly full parking lot. Carrie and I were there on Wednesday and there was pretty much no traffic. That's definitely the day to go if you don't like crowds but do want to see everything.
    Although I didn't notice the sign booth. Is George the one with only one flowered flip flop??

  6. It is a nice feeling to look at a lot of rigs and then decide that you really do like your own the best! We've done that bunches of times. I'd still enjoy going to an RV show, though, just for funsies!

  7. Neil and Nancy are great hosts, we were recipients of their hospitality last winter in Florida. Wish we were able to get to the Carolina Clan gathering...alas, work does get in the way! We did the same thing at the Tampa RV show, we felt for the prices new RVs are, it would have to be truly spectacular to get us to give up what we have.

  8. I've thought of getting a small class A, but I get so much better MPGs with my truck and 5er, so I think that I'll keep what I have and it is really quite livable, just like a small 1 bedroom apartment only one with wheeles.

  9. Really like your sign, and I am sure Harvey is happy he is not getting traded in! Looks like you all enjoyed the show and winning the Good Sam membership was worth the trip.

  10. Love your welcome sign! It's always fun going to RV shows, and winning the Good Sam membership was a nice bonus!

  11. I love your sign! Excellent! We're back in California for John has a new work contract. So...getting ready for fall and winter. Great to be back in touch as summer has been super busy for us.

  12. Love the sign....also love RV shows but they always end up costing us a 'fortune'....hoping to attend the tampa one this year...congrats on the win :)

  13. Nice sign, I told Wendy we have to personalize ours.
    Last time we went to big Chicago show Wendy said she still likes our-whew, good thing.

  14. That is a real cute sign. I really like to go to RV shows even though I am not looking to buy

  15. While you were at the show, did you see the RV360 Siphon there? It is supposed to solve the problem of the bad smells from this holding tanks.

    1. I did not. We actually don't have any issues with that.

  16. Yeah, I can see from here that the place was packed. It must have been overwhelming to see dozens of people sharing your interests and lifestyle. And should I include freedom? :) This, I think, is one of the major attractions of RV: the freedom it offers and the flexibility that comes with it.