Sunday, September 30, 2012

Final stages

Yesterday was jam packed.

After coffee and blogging (our new normal!)
we both went through our clothing..

Do I have to??

Now, you have to understand George..
he's, can you say, afraid to get rid of
It was very difficult for him to downsize
not only some of the clothes that he never wears..
but also his extensive shoe collection ;-)

Looking very sad..

Now me on the other hand..
if I haven't worn it that season,
it goes. No matter what!
So my purging was pretty easy..
shoes and clothing that won't work other
than in a work setting, went right into
the Salvation Army bag.

After that deed was done,
we cleaned Harvey very thoroughly.
We vacuumed his vents,
put away the knick-knacks for traveling,
and got his interior all shiny.

After a busy day of cleaning, then grocery shopping,
we went out to kick up our heels a bit.
Our good friends Steve & Mary
met us for a night at the local hangout
for karaoke.
We really had a great time,
got up and sang two songs,
but it was too dark for proof :-)
Matter of fact, the pictures we took
with our cell phones had
to be doctored up a bit to even 
share them here.

Do we look like happy campers?
So today is wash and final preparatons.
We have our lists that we printed off
the internet on two separate clipboards..
one for inside, 
and one for outside.

Tomorrow at 10 am, EST,
we should have liftoff!


  1. The year has gone by so fast I'm jealous. We are still plodding along with no finish in sight. Good luck on the road. The first months will be hard if you move a lot, but you will become seasoned fifth wheelers very quickly!

  2. You definitely look like happy campers!

  3. The time has come. Your clock says approximately 17 hours to take off. Oh my, it seems like just a short while ago we sat and talked when we were at Codorus State Park. We will be back there later this month for a few days while you will be up and running!

    Safe travels!

  4. Down to 16 hours now. And away you go! Safe travels, it's a great life!!

  5. How exciting! I'm so happy for you guys! Life begins tomorrow! :)

  6. And now 14 hours!! woot woot!! Can't wait to follow along as you go through your first days on the road.

  7. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow at 10am...on our way to Lazydays where it all began for us.

    Enjoy the journey and have a ball!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails.......

  8. Yep! That's what a happy camper looks like!

  9. Downsizing our clothes would be a challenge, especially in the limited closet space that we have in our rig. We might have to pull a trailer with our wardrobe!

  10. Yes, you do look like happy campers. We'll also be thinking of you tomorrow. Safe travels and enjoy the fall colors.

  11. I'm fastening my seat belt because in a little over 8 ours I will be traveling along with you (through your blog). Keep up the great blogs. Enjoy the journey.

  12. By my count about 12 hours to "On the Road". I'll be looking for your first status update. Congrats.

  13. Congrats on your lift off!

    I always thought George was a manly man. But since he is having a hard time getting rid of excess clothes and shoes, I guess he must be in touch with his femanine side... ;c)

  14. I managed to cram too many clothes into the RV closet thinking I would need them--a couple of skirts-haven't worn them in two years, eight pairs of shoes, (only worn my athletic shoes all this time) a dress, (never worn) and I have a storage unit crammed with stuff I haven't missed in two years. Hmmmmm...some more purging is needed, me thinks!