Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dinner with the kids

Last night we got the gang together..
George's daughter, Heather,
and her boyfriend, Ed..

George's son, Chris, his wife Jeanann,
and his granddaughters Jillian & Jaelyn.

We had a great time,
talking and laughing with
them about their childhood.

George enjoyed his granddaughters!

Good thing there is Skype!


  1. If not for Skype I do not think we could have left the kids. Gotta love technology.

  2. What a beautiful family! Don't worry, you probably will see more of them now than you think. Skype is a great tool, though and it does come in handy for those grandkid fixes! :c)

  3. I agree with Paul and Marti. Skype is great but your new home has wheels and you'll see them more than before :)

  4. Skype is a beautiful thing, but in agreement that once you have your freedom you'll probably see your family even more than you do now.

  5. You sure do have great looking happy kids. Nice family. I Skype occasionally with my daughter's family, but the kids have pretty short attention spans at this age. I DO get to see my little granddaughter's gymnastic stuff and both Lauren and Drew's shining faces!

  6. How wonderful to have such a happy family to visit any time you please. WOW just over one week. I can't believe it's here already. You must be two very happy folks!

  7. Makes you treasure the the times together even more. I say missing the grandkids will be the hardest part.