Monday, September 10, 2012

A little flood

How appropriate,
that on the 1 year anniversary
of the flood that helped
push us to full-timing..
..we had a minor flood.

Not the kind that rivers cause..
suffice to say..
water is not our friend!

I got up to use the 'facilities'
at around 11:30 last night.
Got back in bed,
then for some unknown reason,
I got back up at around 1 am.
Soon as I put my foot down on
the floor, I realized that
we had an issue!
The carpet was wet!

George flipped on the light..
and we saw the bathroom
floor was covered in water!
Of course it wicked into the
carpet in the bedroom 
and in the hall.

We sopped up all the water
with as many bath towels  
as I could pull out..

..then we went outside to
check the basement area..

..and it had water in it :-(

We figured out what had happened..
a little bit of TP got caught in
the magic flap in the toilet bowl..
which caused the water to not shut off.

The water ran slowly from 11:30 pm
until I got up again at 1 am.

Thank GOD that I did!

I came home early from work,
as I was very s-l-e-e-p-y..
and found George
cleaning up the basement,
and reorganizing..


..and repacking..

At least the basement's clean!


  1. Yep, that will happen in an rv toilet. What a mess, sorry about that.


  2. Last year I had one of those minor floods, but mine was caused by me not opening the grey water while I was doing multiple loads do wash. I'm careful now, not to do too many at one time and watch the tank levels.
    I'm sure that you are having MAJOR hitch itch issues. It will soon be here. Yea!!!

  3. Remember - the FIRST night we had our new rig it was freezing out. So, Len said leave the water running slowly in the sink and he would install the heated hose the next day. However, he did not open the tank completely. I got up to water running over the kitchen sinks, into the living room and it looked like Niagara Falls in the stove/refrigerator slide. We got thru it!

    Hey - it's always something! (Never have had water in our basement. Is that something we should look forward to?)

  4. Oh no -- what a mess! Everything happens for a reason, and apparently you woke up again at 1:00 for a reason -- thank goodness!

  5. Oh no!! That must have been a terrible way to wake up in the middle of the night. :( I will turn the light on and make sure that closes, that's for sure!!

  6. One more "fun" experience for you to tell about around the campfire! Good thing you caught it quickly and no damage was done. Imagine if it had been a black tank leak, no don't do that!

  7. That very thing happened to me about 25 years ago, and ever since I check that the toilet is not leaking regularly. It is also the reason that I almost always turn off city water to the coach when I leave for more than an hour or so. In the last five years I have seen at least four coaches flooded completely when the occupants have left for the day and a line or other fixture fails and the whole RV is filled with water.

    In one case, it was a brand new motorhome and by the time the owners returned there was four inches covering the interior of the coach.

  8. Aack! What a mess! So sorry you had to go through that. Why can't those things happen in the day time when they could be discovered sooner????

  9. Oh nooo.... Water is such an issue in an RV, I Hope you got it all solved.

  10. Um...Happy anniversary?? Not. Sorry, hope it's drying out now.

  11. That's bad news. Sorry it cause you a lot of trouble. That's just a little problem caused by living in an RV. Its no biggie, right? You guys can live with that. :)
    seo bath

  12. Oh, crap! I hate it when that happens! And it's such a pain to get the carpet dried out. Wish they made some kind of Damp Rid (for closets) for carpet that would suck the moisture out. I always worry about mold developing later. Looks like you've got a knack for organizing stuff. We could use your help! :-)

  13. Water on the feet when you get out of bed is never a positive sign. Good thing you heeded nature's call. I always have a fear of having a leak while we are away.

  14. good thing you got up.....nothing worse than trying to dry out carpet....good luck....god love you water is NOT your friend.

  15. No water is NOT your friend. So sorry to hear the news. Just another bump in the road!

  16. Good thing it's all ok now. Keep posting please. Thanks!