Sunday, September 30, 2012

Final stages

Yesterday was jam packed.

After coffee and blogging (our new normal!)
we both went through our clothing..

Do I have to??

Now, you have to understand George..
he's, can you say, afraid to get rid of
It was very difficult for him to downsize
not only some of the clothes that he never wears..
but also his extensive shoe collection ;-)

Looking very sad..

Now me on the other hand..
if I haven't worn it that season,
it goes. No matter what!
So my purging was pretty easy..
shoes and clothing that won't work other
than in a work setting, went right into
the Salvation Army bag.

After that deed was done,
we cleaned Harvey very thoroughly.
We vacuumed his vents,
put away the knick-knacks for traveling,
and got his interior all shiny.

After a busy day of cleaning, then grocery shopping,
we went out to kick up our heels a bit.
Our good friends Steve & Mary
met us for a night at the local hangout
for karaoke.
We really had a great time,
got up and sang two songs,
but it was too dark for proof :-)
Matter of fact, the pictures we took
with our cell phones had
to be doctored up a bit to even 
share them here.

Do we look like happy campers?
So today is wash and final preparatons.
We have our lists that we printed off
the internet on two separate clipboards..
one for inside, 
and one for outside.

Tomorrow at 10 am, EST,
we should have liftoff!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Retirement has begun

Never would I have thought
that at the age of 13 when I began
my first paying job,
that I could say..
"I'm retired!"

Except for the short period
of time raising my two sons,
I have worked in the following jobs:
American Handicrafts
Children's Photographer
local CPA firm in Salinas, CA
local CPA firm in Lafayette, CA
temp jobs:
Passing out perfume in K-Mart
Filling in at State Farm claims office
and finally...
3 Springs Water

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions.
I spent the day in the plant
with the employees..
getting pictures..
Chris, production mgr, Joe, plant mgr, Bill, forklift

Matt Jr, Joe, Matt Sr (two sons and dad!)

Theron (Dollar!), Shawn, Phuoc (his wife does my pedicures!)

Our CDL drivers, Jeff, and Paul. Robbie our route supervisor.

Gary and Carlton...and Van our new GM
Cheri, our route manager
It hasn't sunk in that I don't have to
get up at 5:30 am anymore.

I will still be consulting with 3 Springs,
and working 'behind the scenes'
until the end of the year.
I will be making a trek back for a
 week in November and December as well.
So I guess for now,
I have one foot in retirement,
and one foot at 3 Springs :-)

it all feels SO GOOD!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I got a nice surprise today..
the gang at work threw together
a going away luncheon for me!
George was even in on it :)

I had not one clue what they
were up to.
They sent me out today to
pick up some things at Sam's club.
While I was gone, the caterers came,
and set up the food in our lunchroom.
The guys in the plant even 
worked through lunch today, 
and got the orders out early,
so they could be a part of it.

We had great food,

a terrific cake,

and fun & laughter.

My production manager 
came into my office later,
and handed me a bag
and said it was from he & his wife.

I opened it and burst out laughing..
it's PERFECT..
a miniature crystal ball!

I'm famous for replying when
asked one of those hundreds of 
questions about 'whatever'
"I don't know, my crystal ball isn't plugged in today!"

Two more days left of work..
It's starting to get emotional.
I told everyone that I don't want
to see any tears..or I will start!
Even some of the guys warned me
they may get emotional :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dinner with the kids

Last night we got the gang together..
George's daughter, Heather,
and her boyfriend, Ed..

George's son, Chris, his wife Jeanann,
and his granddaughters Jillian & Jaelyn.

We had a great time,
talking and laughing with
them about their childhood.

George enjoyed his granddaughters!

Good thing there is Skype!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Starting the goodbyes

We're in the single digits now!

Doing a lot of 'this is the last time we will...' things.


I had a plant-wide meeting
to announce my departure.
My management staff knew,
but we kept it under wraps
from all the employees for awhile.
It went really well..
and I only cried a little :-)
Their only questions were..
'you're going to live in an RV!!??'


My car finally sold!

I didn't get what I wanted for it,
but I made a few bucks,
and paid it off.
We didn't want to have an
extra vehicle to pay for on the road.
We know a lot of RVrs who do
have that extra vehicle,
and it could come in handy,
but we'll be on a pretty tight budget.

Friday night

I had my last hair appointment.
Got it all done...cut/color/hilights..
I got it cut short :-)

After that..
I met for the last time (for awhile!)
my good friend, Karen..

We had a nice dinner, and I stopped
by her house to say 'bye' to her
husband Bob. 
They've been such good friends
for many years, helping me
when I lived alone,
watching my cat Milo
when I would go on vacation,
and helping us pack up and move when I left
my house in Hazleton.

Please keep them in your prayers..
Bob has cancer and is not doing well :-(

Tonight we are getting together
with George's son, daughter, 
spouses, and grandkids,
for pizza.

Another 'goodbye'...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hershey RV Show 2012

I already posted about last night,
but I didn't have my camera handy 
to post pictures.. here are a few..
we had a great time!

Today we met Nancy & Neil for
breakfast at a cute little place
called 'The Filling Station'.
We all had a great breakfast,
and then headed off to the RV show.

It was packed!

We looked at some newer 5th wheels,
and even a couple high-end motorhomes.

We still like ours best :-)

George and I played a game,
where we collected 11 buttons
from different spots at the show.
Then we got to spin a prize wheel..
we both won a year's membership
to Good Sam's Club.
Since we are already members,
it extended our membership to 2015!
Best prize on the wheel!

We did make one purchase:

We think it will look good outside Harvey :-)

Visit with friends

Since I have only two weeks of work
left to go..
I decided to take a day off :-)

We left yesterday morning to
head south to Hershey.

On the way we stopped at Perkins..
for their new Brioche breakfast..

..blueberry with lemon filling..
way off the charts!

We got to the Hershey area,
and checked into what might be
our last hotel stay for awhile!

Our intent is to go to the
Hershey RV show on Saturday.
While we're here we met up
with Nancy & Neil where
they are staying at
Hershey Thousand Trails.
They are full-timing we are :-)
Hopefully they will be able 
to set sail soon.

We had a lovely time sitting outside..

and talking and laughing..

Neil grilled burgers, and we then sat by the fire.

Today we are meeting them for breakfast,
then walking around the RV show for a bit.

I have more pictures..but I'm in the room
right now..and the camera is in the truck ;-(

More later tonight!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things are

Thanks to some great neighbors..
we were able to dry Harvey out,
with the use of a huge air dryer.
I was afraid it would blow
his sides out!

So on to other stuff..

Everything at work is
getting taken care of.
I will remain president 
through the end of the year.
We will remain on the health insurance,
and get paid an hourly rate
to consult from the road,
and do some background
work for an hourly rate
based on my salary.
They may also fly me into
PA to help with any transition
as the company may be going
through a sale before I leave.

We are finally confirmed for our 
first workamping job!

We are going to work at
in California
beginning in January.
It is perfect for our first
stint at workamping..
no office work,
only some outside stuff..
escorting people to their sites,
guiding them in (it must be done!),
filling propane,
etc, etc.
I love it..
It's also perfect, as it is only 
30 miles from my parent's home.
It'll be nice to be close by them for at 
least 3 or 4 months.

I still haven't sold my Honda Fit.
It's been on the lot for a few months now.
I'm starting to get nervous as
our current insurance company GMAC
will not insure it if it's sitting on a
consignment lot. :-(
we stopped and talked to them 
today..(the car lot)..for suggestions.
He's decided to take it to auction tomorrow.
He (Joe) thinks it will do well there.
Although it may not get as much
at auction as a direct sale,
it will save us having to 
acquire short-term insurance
for the vehicle.
Wish us luck tomorrow!

Things are falling into place..

Monday, September 10, 2012

A little flood

How appropriate,
that on the 1 year anniversary
of the flood that helped
push us to full-timing..
..we had a minor flood.

Not the kind that rivers cause..
suffice to say..
water is not our friend!

I got up to use the 'facilities'
at around 11:30 last night.
Got back in bed,
then for some unknown reason,
I got back up at around 1 am.
Soon as I put my foot down on
the floor, I realized that
we had an issue!
The carpet was wet!

George flipped on the light..
and we saw the bathroom
floor was covered in water!
Of course it wicked into the
carpet in the bedroom 
and in the hall.

We sopped up all the water
with as many bath towels  
as I could pull out..

..then we went outside to
check the basement area..

..and it had water in it :-(

We figured out what had happened..
a little bit of TP got caught in
the magic flap in the toilet bowl..
which caused the water to not shut off.

The water ran slowly from 11:30 pm
until I got up again at 1 am.

Thank GOD that I did!

I came home early from work,
as I was very s-l-e-e-p-y..
and found George
cleaning up the basement,
and reorganizing..


..and repacking..

At least the basement's clean!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

One year ago - 3 weeks to go..

One year ago today our
house in Plains, PA was
flooded by Tropical Storm Lee.

A year later, this is what
our neighborhood looks like:

On our street there is only 3 families..
soon to be two :-)

We're down to the last few weekends
to get things ready.

Today we cleaned, 
did wash,
and got a few things organized.
George got the water hose 
that we've been using for one year
all cleaned up and the heat tape
taken off it.
He's been working on getting the 
basement cleaned up and organized.
There are things stowed on the 
back seat of the truck now.

Next weekend we've decided
to take a trip down to the 
Hershey RV Show.
We will stay in a Holiday Inn,
the same one we stayed in last year!
We will be meeting up with
our other RV friends
while we are down there.

After that, there will only be 
two more weekends to get ready!

It's finally happening..

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Harvey gets a bath

Today, Harvey got a good scrubbing.

His roof was grungy,
and he had black streaks
down his sides.

George did some research
on what would be the best
cleaner for the roof.
He looked at Dicor and Thetford,
and felt both were very expensive.

He picked up a rubber roof cleaner
at Wal-Mart:

It worked  beautifully,
and 1/4 of the price.

Then he used a great
product called 'Awesome'
that we've heard other RVrs
have used..bought at the Dollar Store.
It did a great job
taking all the black streaks out.
George also used a car wash
soap with the Awesome.

I helped by spraying Harvey off..

George installed the back-up camera..

and took the heat tapes off the
water lines..

4 weeks from Monday!