Monday, August 13, 2012

What a mother won't do :-)

My youngest son, Austin,
who is now 23, 
lives in Greeley, CO.

He flew out to spend a week
in Philadelphia with
some of his friends from the city.

He put aside a day to spend
with me :-)

He did take the SEPTA train
from center-city Philly 
to Lansdale to save me 
the trip into the city.
It's 90 miles one way
from our place to Lansdale.

So...this morning, 
I took off toward
Lansdale, met him at noon,
then headed back home so 
he could see Harvey.

180 miles.

He was properly introduced to
Harvey, said hi to George,
posed for a picture..

Then I took him to lunch to
George and my favorite place,
George stayed home to give
us some 'mom and son' time.

We had a nice lunch, and long talk.
He's such a good son :-)

So then..
it was time to head back
to Lansdale.
We got back in the car,
he took a nap,
and I drove back.
We pulled into the station,
and I slipped him some
money so he could have 
some fun on his vacation,
gave him a hug, and drove
back to Plains.

360 miles.

I wouldn't drive that far
in one day for just anybody!

That's what Moms do!


  1. You are a VERY good mom Laurie! I'm not so sure I'd drive 360 miles in one day for anyone. I'm exhausted just thinking about it :)

  2. Amen to that, daughter. It sounds familiar to me!!


  3. Family time is precious. You're a good mom!

  4. So glad you got some time with him. That whole scenario sound familiar to me too. :)

  5. 360 miles. That's a LONG trip for sure! He should feel well loved. When they are little it seems like we'll never get away from them and when they grow up it seems like we never have enough time with them. :-)

  6. You are one swell mom, not only spending special time with him but slipping a couple of bucks in his pocket.

    Can you adopt me? Pretty please. ;c)

  7. Once a Mom always a Mom...

    Looks like it was worth the trip...memories are precious:o))

  8. Nothing beats kid time(no matter the age)! He will always be your baby. Looking forward to seeing my son in Sept. - its been a couple of years. I thought about driving but decided to fly.

  9. Glad you had a nice visit. When we are out 360 mi and a few hours will seem like nothing to spend time w/loved ones.