Saturday, August 4, 2012

New address means

I've moved around a lot
in my 55 years.
Lots of address changes.

We have our new address
courtesy of Alternative Resources.
I took the time this week
to go online and change 
our address on a few things.
That is a much easier task
to complete online!

Another task I had to do
was to get a new passport.
My name changed in October
and so that is all done as well.
Took no time at all to get
a new one in the mail.

Today was blistering HOT..
92 degrees!
We did a few things outside anyway..

George started cleaning out
the basement..

He trimmed the one bush left..

..and cleaned off the swing, 
which we sold to one of
my employees..

 I went for a pedicure..
and Friday night got my haircut..

I only have one more haircut
scheduled until we'll be 
taking off!

Work is going pretty good.
The upper echelon is coming
in from Ohio on Monday
to strategize my departure.

8 more weeks!!


  1. You look more relaxed already. It won't be long!

  2. Eight weeks is going to go by SO fast!!

  3. Down to only one more haircut before leaving, what a neat milestone. Congrats.

  4. Wait a minute, you haven't been living in your fifth wheel long enough to have to clean out the basement!!! It's against the rules!

    Lovely haircut, too bad that isn't the picture on your passport. ;c)

  5. Paul's right, that's a great picture of you. Strategize your departure. Boy that sounds serious! Hope they've got at least some idea of who they are going to get to TRY to replace you. Good luck is what I say!

  6. I 2nd or 3rd that. Great picture of you. I'm thinking I'm jealous of the pedicure! I haven't had one since we sold the house and I really, really want one :) Guess I need to put that on my list.

  7. Get use to cleaning out the basement...that has become a hobby for Bill;o)) It won't be long before all this prep work will be a thing of the past!! Once you hit the road, your work life just disappears and the adventure begins!! Oh but you still have to clean out the basement;o((

  8. Knowing we're hitting the road around the same time, when I read 8 weeks left, I thought no way! It's going fast!!

  9. The time is flying by. I am so excited for you. We are a full two years out and I wouldn't go back for the world.

  10. Hi! I'm a new follower, just found your blog from Levonne's site. I am so excited for you and can't wait to follow your new lifestyle. It will let me in on what to expect in a few years when Ken and I hope to start full-timing (and I don't mean work!).

    Good Luck and Congratulations!

  11. 50 days!!! I am eager for your new beginning and following along on your travels.